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Argentina, attractively diverse

One of the biggest countries in South America is Argentina, famous for Evita, a world-class football team, the tango and a huge variety of wildlife. It's a great place to experience nature, alongside the buzzing and cosmopolitan atmosphere of major towns and cities. You have a choice of airports for flights to Argentina, the biggest being Ezeiza International Airport in the capital city of Buenos Aires.

Things to do in Argentina

As Argentina is such a large country, it's hard to run out of new things to see and experience. The La Boca neighbourhood in the capital is colourful and vibrant, and Iguazú National Park further north includes scenic waterfalls and rainforest. In contrast, Los Glaciares National Park is an icy, snow-covered area of stunning natural beauty. Stay up late in the Barreal region to see the stars - the skies are cloud-free for close to 300 days of the year.

On a city break, discover a wide range of restaurants ranging in size, price and style and various museums and art galleries. Millions of people visit Argentina every year to take in the sights, with Cordoba noted for architecture and Rosario steeped in local history.

Food and drink

You can taste the influences of Spain and Italy in Argentinian cuisine - and pizza and pasta dishes aren't hard to find. Eating is a social activity in Argentina, with dishes shared to foster feelings of friendship and solidarity. If you see 'carne' (meat) on the menu, it will typically be beef. Most meats are barbecue grilled, eaten in sandwiches or with potato on the side.

Wine and beer are the main alcoholic beverages to try, and Argentinians make a lot of non-alcoholic concoctions for kids and drivers. In many parts of Argentina, infusions with chocolate are popular and easy to find. English influences on the country have also made tea drinking widespread.

Family activities

Argentina can be a surprisingly family-friendly country to holiday in. Local residents will make a fuss over the kids and make you all feel welcome. In public plazas and town squares, there's often a playground or two, and you can watch from a pavement café with a relaxing drink.

The Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio in Trelew is a dinosaur museum, with information available in English. If you're in Buenos Aires, head to the beach - the Atlantic Coast has miles of sand and hot, sunny summer days. Many people consider Las Grutas, further south in Rio Negro, to be one of Argentina's best beaches.

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