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No matter your definition of the word explore, it really does go hand in hand with the country of Oman. With landscapes ranging from majestic mountains, beautiful beaches, sweeping sands and fantastic fjords, not to mention the bustling cities, including the capital Muscat, it's a country of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. If adventure is what you seek, then hiking, rock climbing, caving, dune bashing, quad biking, desert camping and an array of water sports are sure to keep you busy during your stay. The culture of Oman doesn't need exploring, it's simply an aspect of daily life, from clothing and food, arts and crafts, to the way Omanis welcome visitors. Exploring the wildlife of Oman should be part of every intinerary both inland and on water, from turtles and dolphins to the Arabian Gazelle, Oryx and Omani Wild Cat and wild Arabian Leopard. 

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