Tokyo City Breaks

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A city like no other

A visit to Tokyo is often described as something of an assault on the senses. Prepare yourself for bright neon lights, lots of noise, bumper-to-bumper traffic and crazily busy pavements. Impressive architecture is everywhere and it's worth visiting Tokyo Sky Tree, a building declared the world's tallest free-standing tower at 634m when it opened in 2012. Make your way up to the two observation towers to enjoy stunning views across the city, especially once the sun has gone down.

Tokyo National Museum is home to a wonderful collection of Japanese art and has a wide variety of items including paintings, sculptures and even samurai swords on display. You might also want to stop by Sensō-ji, one of Tokyo's most important and most visited temples.  For a spot of evening entertainment, try and get tickets for a sumo wrestling tournament.

Natural beauty

While it's easy enough to get the impression that Tokyo is all about metal skyscrapers and high technology, the reality is quite different. There are some stunning natural sights in and around the capital to take in during your visit.

Find time to visit the Shinobazu-no-ike Pond in Ueno Park or head to the lush Todoroki Valley, a kilometre-long path lined by trees and shrubs that stretches along the Yazawa-gawa River. While not quite natural, the artificial beach in Odaiba is certainly worth a look. It's the ideal place to cool off if you're visiting during the summer when temperatures can soar. Unfortunately, visitors with tattoos will be refused entry.  


The residents of Tokyo love nothing more than a festival, and there are cultural events taking place in the city throughout the year. Sanja Matsuri, which occurs each May, is one of the city's wildest parties. Millions of people come to enjoy the three-day event, taking part in everything from dancing and street parades to live music events.

During the Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai festival in late July, the skies over Tokyo are filled with light as thousands of fireworks are set off. Film buffs should aim to visit during November when the Tokyo International Film Festival is held.