Stockholm City Breaks

If you’re thinking of taking a city break this year, Stockholm is a great location. Water runs through the city, which sits on the spot where Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea, making for some pretty sights to be seen.

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Buildings in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city filled with great architecture, and a Stockholm city break will not leave you wanting for impressive buildings. The City Hall, which contains a luxury banquet area and restaurant, looks across the water, and can be seen from many of the cruises available. The Katerina Elevator is a popular tourist destination, and indicator of the city’s proud industrial heritage. Elsewhere the many-columned Parliament Building is long and beautiful, well worth a visit amongst other activities.


Museums and history

For a truly unique experience, you might want to visit the Vasa Museum, which contains an almost completely preserved shipwreck inside, ready for you to view in detail up close. For a bite of Swedish culture you can walk around the Skansen Open-Air Museum, where you will learn plenty about Swedish history and lifestyle, not to mention get the chance to meet some of the Swedish wildlife. If you feel like some photographic inspiration you can visit the Fotografiska, a contemporary photography museum. Of course there is also the Abba Museum, completely dedicated to Stockholm’s most famous export, full of their music and interesting facts about their careers.


Natural scenery

The city contains a number of well-maintained areas to see Sweden’s natural beauty too. The Millesgarden outdoor art museum is located only 15 minutes from downtown Stockholm. If you want a different flavour of outdoor Sweden you can visit The Haga Park, a combination of green scenery and old manor houses that is perfect for an afternoon stroll. The network of canals and bridges that run through the city create some great spots to see, making a simple walk through the centre into a sightseeing trip of its own.



Stockholm has plenty of pubs and bars to visit in the evenings, although it can be notoriously expensive in places. Dress codes can be strict, so make sure to expect a classy evening, and bring your best outfit along.

Pet Sounds Bar often has live music playing, and is well known for its popularity with fans of the indie genre. Moseback Terrace provides a great view of the city – although it only opens in the warmer months; it’s a favourite for tourists and locals alike and always provides an entertaining evening.