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Italy City Breaks

Italy is a country combining historical riches and natural and cultural treasures. Truly a country of abundance, it will never cease to surprise you with its regions that differ so vastly from one to the next. Check them out on your next Italian city break!

Get a little taste of La dolce vita for less with our exclusive deals on Italian city breaks and hotel rooms. Hand-picked by our travel experts, these deals include some of Italy’s most iconic destinations. You could explore the history of Rome, catch up with the latest fashions in Milan or soak up the atmosphere of Venice. Perfect for romantic getaways, why not treat the culture vulture in your life to a tour of the artistic sights of Florence, or an indulgent trip to the foodie capital of Bologna?  

Our top Italy city break offers

Things to do in Italy

The country’s most beautiful spots 

One of the country’s top tourist sites, stunning Venice will charm you with its monuments, St Mark’s Square and its narrow alleyways and canals. Take the time on your city break in Italy to visit Rome and its remarkable architectural and artistic heritage. Pompeii and archaeological sites are other must-sees. 

During your city break in Italy, enjoy a gondola ride in Venice, visit the archaeological sites of Pompeii, the Vatican in Rome or discover the balcony of Romeo and Juliette in Verona. Don’t miss out on a pizza and an ice cream! 

Things to see in Italy

Italy is about Venice, Rome, Florence, Tuscany and the beaches… but that’s not all! A city break in Italy will take you to the wonderful lake region. Culture will also be on the agenda with a visit to the cities of Sienna and Florence. 

Calabria and its cliffs plunging into the sea will also amaze you, as well as the landscapes of Apulia. 

Take to the coast 

Just journeying along the Amalfi Coast is a magical experience in itself. It’s an extra bonus that you can stop off at wonderful towns like Positano, Ravello and Sorrento. While Sorrento is unashamedly a popular tourist destination, it also has much to offer the discerning traveller. Located only a short distance from the famed Isle of Capri, it was home to people as diverse as Emperor Tiberius and actress Gracie Fields. 

Naples, ancient Roman cities and Vesuvius 

Naples is a short train journey form Sorrento and its distinctive character is largely due to its prominent and proud working-class composition. Its enthralling, sprawling street markets are always worth a visit, as are the city’s pizzerias, particularly since Naples is the place where Pizza was created.

Within easy reach of Naples are the Roman settlements of Pompeii and Herculaneum. While the former is the more famous, with its villas, temples, amphitheatres, fora and more, the latter is also well worth a visit as it features several extremely well-preserved Roman elements. 

Of course, the shadow of Vesuvius can’t be ignored, particularly when you have the opportunity to witness first-hand the devastation it wreaked upon Pompeii and Herculaneum. Happily, there are no signs of imminent eruption and a visit to the rim of the volcano is a must-do experience. 

All roads lead to Rome 

Rome, the capital of Italy, lies roughly in the middle of the country and is a city where you can truly lose yourself among its historic buildings and statues. They seem to be almost casually placed around the city. Here you can walk among the ruins of the Roman Forum, witness the expansive Pantheon and dine at night with the majestic Colosseum lit up and in clear view as you feast. 

Why not throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain for luck, walk along the Apian Way or sit on the steps of the Piazza Venezia that marks the end of Via del Corso, Rome’s main street? Via del Corso is where you will find all the shops you need and some of the finest fashions around.

Rome is abundant with fine restaurants, as well as al fresco eateries serving delicious street food. Sometimes there’s nothing better than tucking into a ciabatta roll filled with olive oil-cooked courgettes and mouth-wateringly melted mozzarella cheese.

Vatican City, a country within a city is, of course, a world-wide pilgrimage site for thousands of Catholics. For anyone else, the allure of St Peter’s Square is still a compelling one, as is the chance to see the Pope appear at his balcony. The Vatican Museums provide all the information you could possibly want about this tiny country. You’ll also find the Sistine Chapel in this city-state, which features what is probably the most famous painted ceiling on the planet. 

Modish Milan 

One of the fashion capitals of the world, up there with London, New York and Paris, Milan is a magnet for clothes horses and anyone who just appreciates alta moda. It’s not all about material goods however, because Milan is also home to Duomo di Milano, an extraordinary gothic cathedral that overlooks the main city square. This ostensibly 14th-century edifice is festooned with almost 3,200 statues, nearly 100 gargoyles and over 130 spires. The most famous statue of the bunch is the Little Madonna, which is covered with almost 4,000 sheets of gold leaf.  

Public transportation

During your  Italy city break, you can easily get around the country by rental car. Within the cities, public transport is a practical and cheap way of getting around. The trains connect all major cities. 

What is the cost of living? 

Typical food and gastronomy

In terms of culinary specialities, during your city break in Italy you can try some fresh pasta, traditional pizza, cured meats, ice creams and good wine. Parma is known for its ham, Venice for its polenta, Emilia Romagna for its Modena balsamic vinegar, Tuscany for Chianti wine, etc.

What is the Best time of the year to visit Italy?

Italy enjoys a relatively mild climate, except perhaps in the Alpine region, which has quite cold winters. Whichever destination you choose for your inexpensive weekend away in Italy, the ideal seasons for you are spring and autumn. You can take advantage of the fine weather without being bothered by masses of tourists.