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The Top 5 Local Hangouts in Prague

Planning a last minute visit to Prague, but fancy a bit of a walk on the wildside rather than taking the general tourist route? Well help is at hand! We asked the experts on the ground at Spotted by Locals Prague, a blog written by Prague residents, to give us the lowdown on their own favourite  quirky spots; the type of advice you won't find in the average tourist guide.

Here is their top 5 list for Prague.

1. Archa Theatre - The Ark of Alternative Culture (by Jana Kneschke)

For something a little different from the standard national theatres or Opera houses, visit the Archa Theatre for a mix of nearly everything that's on offer!

copyright Jana Kneschke
"Archa is one of my favourite places to find some interesting and clever pieces of performance art and they are able to communicate this diversity to the public. The tickets are not the cheapest, but the question I ask is do I look for quality or quantity?"

2. Radost FX - A funky venue and veggie restaurant (by Jana Kneschke)

Another multiple entertainment venue in one hot spot! You can eat, drink and dance at Radost's restaurant, lounge, cafe and club!

copyright Jana Kneschke
"This is one of the most beloved and celebrated night clubs in Prague. It is also one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Prague."

3. Bio Oko - Cinema designed to make your eyes shine (by Irena Schlosserová)

This is one of few classic cinemas left in Prague. Unfortunately for those who love their art-house films, most of the traditional picture houses have closed by now, or is still open have been converted into commercial cinemas showing the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Thankfully, Bio Oko converted in the opposite way, from traditional to cult!

copyright Irena Schlosserová
"Bio Oko offers many special projections and events, including the newest films featuring alongside alternative pieces or classics. As a foreign visitor you will appreciate English language-friendly films with English subtitles. The authentic interior is combined with a modern bar and even has weird assorted seats in the hall. Simply said, this is an art cinema at its best with everything it should have."

4. Chotkovy Say - Enjoy a different view of Prague (by Filip Grimm)

This historic park, offers a breath-taking panoramic view of Prague. Besides the view, in autumn the romantic pond reflect the leaves' colours beautifully.

Copyright Filip Grimm
"The park area was established in 1833. From the very beginning it was meant to serve the people and was open to public, which was quite extraordinary. Most of the park areas and gardens in Prague were in the possession of the nobility at that time and nobody else was allowed there. Chotkovy sady (Chotek’s gardens) was the first park open to everybody."

5. Sapa - Little Hanoi (by Katerina Kaftanova)

TTTM Sapa, located in the south surround of Prague called Písnice is a wholesale market where you can buy a lot of stuff (the majority of the items sold comes from Asia of course).  There is a lot to discover at this location, even a temple!

Copyright Katerina Vankova
"Besides checking the shops you should definitely eat there. The criterion of a good place to eat on holiday is simple: eat where local people eat! Places which are oriented in one type of food are usually the best. My favourite is a tiny place named Hai Há – they have the best bún chả- it is rich and savoury."

If these authentic Prague travel tips have inspired you, then you can take them with you, on your iPhone  or on your Android phone. What are your top tips for a trip to Prague? Share your favourite haunts by leaving a comment below.