Top 5 Local Hangouts in Rome

Spotted by Locals Rome is a blog by Rome residents who write about their favourite spots. Their tips are also available on your iPhone or on your Android phone too! We selected our top 5 for Rome.

Pub Scala 27A - Wide range of draught beers (by Tiziano Virive)

With a weather-beaten exterior and fluorescent lighting, you might not normally stop here for a drink. But local Tiziano is very adamant that you do!

pub scala 27 a rome by tiziano virive
©Tiziano Virive
"Here stands a very cosy pub, La Scala 27. My favourite one in the area. This place sells, apart from a wide range of draught beers, about 7 types of amazing cocktails by the litre served in a big jar, from the stout to the abbey ones. They are specialized in mojito, capirinha, capiroska, frozen margarita, daiquiri, and pina colada. The pub also practices the happy hour promotion from 19:00 till 22:00. Very convenient for those who are out early."

Il Fico Restaurant - Simplicity at its best (by Tiziano Virive)

Hidden out of sight, in the back street of Piazza Navona is this little local gem.

il fico restaurant rome by tiziano virive
© Tiziano Virive
"If you are up for a not very touristic restaurant in Rome, which is very hard to find, with freshly prepared food and not the frozen one you usually get, do come here at least once."

Le Sicilianedde - True flavour of Sicily (by Eleonora Baldwin)

The Italian kitchen is loved worldwide, and so is the Sicilian kitchen. Local Eleonora has found (and recommended) this little slice of heaven that caters to your Sicilian careful though you'll most likely leave with more than you bargained for!

le sicilianedde rome by eleonora baldwin
© Eleonora Baldwin
"At Le Sicilianedde, research in artisan specialties has rediscovered traditional Sicilian foods, with focus on offering rare cheeses and prime salumi."

Nasone - Free water everywhere (by Daniela D'Avanzo)

A historic source of water. Don't worry though; the water is not as old as the standpipes are ;)

nasone rome by daniela davanzo
© Daniela D'Avanzo
"The “nasoni” are a real institution in the city. These standpipes were built around 1870. The first version was designed with a dragon head as ornament. Now you can find just a few of these in the city: one of the oldest is in piazza della Rotonda (Pantheon)."

Quartiere Coppedè - Something about hidden Rome (by Ivan Marra)

For something other than Rome's famous and well visited landmarks, Ivan recommends one of his favourite hidden spots: Quartiere Coppedè.

quartiere coppede rome by nathan beer
© Nathan Beer
“It’s possible to find elements of liberty style, art nouveau and baroque and even some medieval characteristics. Coppedè’s target was without any doubt to recreate a unique atmosphere that gives the visitor feelings of joy, chaos and fear. No matter how many times you see the zone, every time you’ll find something new, a small particular that you haven’t seen the previous time."