Top 10 Restaurant Blogs

British Food Fortnight starts soon and what better way than to celebrate it than to check out these dishy and delectable foodie blogs.It's no easy task to pull together a list of the best ones, there are many great food and restaurant blogs out there and beware, eyes will boggle and stomachs will rumble once you've had a look round this great collection.London Eater is a food and photography review written by Kang, a self confessed foodie. He writes about his dining experiences and brings them to life with sumptuous photos. It's really nice to get an inside view of restaurants that you may have read about in newspapers or never even had thought of going to.Food Stories, is a blog about food and drink in London but the real surprise is the breadth of gastronomical delights it showcases and it's unashamedly cosmopolitan.Europe a la Carte is a very accessible place to visit as the writer, Karen, reviews all manner of restaurants and her extensive travelling produces fabulous imagery and insider knowledge of loads of great places so you get travel tips thrown in too.It's hard not to feel hungry when looking at the the amazing food photography on Londonelicious which features foodie travels from all over Europe. So always worth checking if you've planned a shorty city break.Here's a great one for foodies who like to eat out and cook; Eat Like A Girl publishes full reviews and the menu so you get as close to the dining experience as you can (through a blog!).Hollow Legs is written by a constantly hungry Londoner and she documents her great eats and also some home cooking. You'll find top London restaurants, gastro pubs and foodie jaunts here too.I really like An American in London because it adds a different point of view to the mix when it comes to eating out in the Capital and it's pretty honest too.Eyedropper is a blogger who is single handedly travelling around the UK and documenting his food and travels to create a map of British cuisine in partnership with Channel 4 - it's an interesting project which is led by consumers too, so drop by if you want to get involved.Here's a great tongue in cheek blog (you will notice the writers have quasi celeb/foodie names) which is also a great resource for those both home and away. The London Review of Breakfasts has more of an East London leaning but also has a good smattering of international cuisine and not just brekkie.And finally, I love this one, it's a really cool and quirky place to go, Pig Pigs Blog, a Chinese Malaysian husband and wife team (Pig Pig and Wild Boar) who cook and review restaurants with aplomb and style. Great photos too.