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Tiny Treats: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason Teas
Fortnum & Mason Teas

If you’re in need of a treat but you’re feeling none too flush, you can still enjoy some of the finer things in life from London’s top stores. You just have to pick carefully and savour everything slowly. One of my favourite department stores for tiny treats has to be Fortnum & Mason, with its epic window displays, heavy oak doors, and lovely façade. In fact most of my shopping expeditions to this establishment are spent wandering around and admiring the décor, rather than getting on with the shopping. That said, if you choose wisely you can find some fabulous things to take home too. Walk past the gift-boxed chocolates and head to their amazing chocolate counter, where you can take your pick from the interesting range and order a box that’s as small as you like. They’ll even put things in a cellophane bag for you, if you ask. There’s every flavour you can imagine, from milk coconut rochers to orangettes, and dark chocolate and lavender ganaches. After a heavy main course, these are perfect served with a cup of coffee to round your dinner off with a sweet note. They’re also very well stocked in the tea department. You could spend an almost infinite amount on some of their rarer teas, but a gentle stroll around the shelves will reveal all sorts of delicious loose leaf teas in beautiful giftworthy caddies starting at less than £5. If you don’t have a teapot, boxes of teabags start at around the £3 mark, and are ideal for a five-minute escape from a busy day. Try their Piccadilly blend, or go for something more unusual such as the smoky earl grey or green tea with elderflower. This month many of their teas, biscuits and preserves are on sale too, with most of these tiny treats on sale for half their usual price. After you've picked up your goodies London's West End awaits, with hotel teas and theatre deals to try. Go on, spoil yourself. Fortnum & Mason 181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)20 7734 8040