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Top Five Places to get Real Italian Gelato

During a visit to Italy, there are three things that you absolutely must try; Italian pasta, Italian coffee and Italian gelato. We Italians are proud on all of these three specialties, but the refreshing gelato is my personal favorite, especially during those hot summer days. But where in Italy can you find the best gelato? 1. Festival del Gelato (Florence, Tuscany) With a few dozen amazing flavors, including chocolate & red pepper, spinach and even vegan-friendly ice cream, Festival del Gelato offers a wide variety to choose from. However, try to pick a flavor before you enter the salon, or else the beautifully dressed gelato cases will turn making a selection into a true ordeal.

Image via Ash-rly 2. Il gelato di San Crispino (Rome) You can get Il gelato di San Crispino at several locations in Rome, including at a small establishment at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport. Besides numerous delicious fruity types of ice cream, Il gelato di San Crispino also offers rum, whisky, ricotta, liquorice root and many more creamy flavors. 3. Vivoli (Florence, Tuscany) Vivoli opened it's doors in the old center of Florence in 1930, and has been praised for its deliciously flavored ice creams ever since. During the summer, you can try the gelato of Vivoli's master ice makers every day until midnight. 4. Gelateria Savoia (Verona) Have a look at the website of Savoia. Now tell me: does that look delicious to you, or not? When only a quick glance at their website makes you want to try their ice cream, you can imagine what it feels like to be at Gelateria Fratelli Savoia, in the northern city of Verona. 5. Gelatomania (Taormina, Sicily) A top five list with great Gelateria is not complete without a Sicilian Gelateria, as many people (especially the Sicilians) believe that the origin of gelato lays on this island. Gelatomania offers many gorgeous flavors, including several typical Sicilian flower-flavored gelati. Are five great places to get gelato not enough to quench your thirst for ice cream? Then have a look at the Tour del Gelato, while trying to find out which flavors to pick. About the autor: this article was written by Paolo Rossi. He lives in Italy and works for Charming Sicily, a company specialized in luxury hotels in Sicily, where he advises his clients where to go for the best refreshing gelato during those hot Italian summers.