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The Best Food for a First Date in London

1 Lombard Street
1 Lombard Street

Going on a date can be nerve wracking. Actually, it can be terrifying. Going on a first date is even worse than normal because a) you don't know if you will have anything to talk about, and b) you have to negotiate the activities of the date with an air of glamour, attractiveness, and especially competence. If you are anything like me and clumsy as a newborn foal (and nervous to boot), then a first date situation will have you breathing from a paper bag within minutes. However, if you choose wisely a date can actually be quite fun. Not always, granted, there will always be the occasional date that ends in utter chaos and which results in cringe-worthy memories, but sometimes a date can be a really good evening out. All you need to do is think about exactly what type of food you choose to make the evening as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. My top three foods for your first date are: Italian Food Fun, lighthearted and almost guaranteed to have something on the menu that everyone likes, an Italian meal is a choice that minimises risk. Just make sure to avoid the spaghetti, as I can promise that will result in spilt sauce - and I am not convinced that anyone can look sexy whilst sucking up a stray strand. Choose a destination like Caponata for an affordable first date that doesn't leave you out of pocket and regretting it, or Marco Pierre White's Frankie's if you feel like opting for Italian that is a bit more upmarket. French Dining Ah, a romantic classic. French cooking is elegant, sophisticated, and generally pretty easy to eat. For great French food, however, you need to spend a bit more money, and it probably isn't the best choice if you aren't all that bothered about the person you are dating! If you want to whisk someone off their feet, however, then French is the way to go! For a beautiful location and food to match try 1 Lombard Street, or Bloody French is you want something unexpected and tongue in cheek. Japanese Flavours For a date to remember, I recommend going for a cuisine that isn't perhaps top of people's go to date lists. Whilst raw fish may not seem romantic, sushi gives you a chance to get a bit more tactile with your food, and to have a date that is cultural and fun. If you want the experience to be exciting and interactive try a Teppanyaki restaurant like Sen Nin, where they cook your food right in front of you. Alternatively, embrace the fun with a Yo! Sushi meal next to the conveyor belt, it will take the pressure off! For great restaurant deals head to where you can find great half price deals at some of the countries best loved and highest rated eateries.