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Started A Detox Diet? Why Not Try A More Relaxing Approach

Ah January; that time of year when we begin afresh with hopes of living a better life. Maybe you have set yourselves a New Year’s resolution to bin the takeaways, stop smoking and actually use that gym membership. It might be a vow to eat  healthier, shunning the pop and crisp aisle to spend more time in the fruit and veg section of your local supermarket. Or you might be going the whole hog and opting for the full-on January detox diet.

detox jiuces
detox jiuces
At this time of year newspapers and magazines bombard us with helpful advice, from “top 10 detoxing tips” to “the ultimate detox diet for 2014”, which is all well and good, but you might be like me; lacking in will power and usually throwing a big “what is the point” wobbly one week in. Celebrities are also at the forefront of offering dietary tips, prompting The British Dietetic Association to release their annual Top 5 Worst Celebrity Diets to Avoid in 2014.
wheat grass
wheat grass
It's not just women who feel the need to look at detox diets and weight-loss programme, in January, men also find themselves in the firing line. Whatever you decide, it's always good to get some sensible, expert advice. Nutritionist Dale Pinnock, in The Telegraph, explains how the body naturally detoxes and sometimes just needs a helping hand. The NHS choices website also has some handy hints, tips and tools for people looking to eat healthier in 2014. They even have a simple BMI calculator to help get you started.

So if this all sounds a little bit like hard work and you just want to get rid of the excesses and stresses of the Christmas / New Year period; then why not check out our £20 detox spa sale. Nearly 40 spas are taking part up and down the country and we asked three of them to give us a better insight into what you can expect and the benefits of different treatments.

facial mask
facial mask

A Marine Detox Body Wrap  is on offer at The Kumari Club’s  two London venues. Managing Director, Renu Kalsi, kindly took time out to tell us a little bit more about the treatment.

"The Detox marine wrap removes toxins from the body in a gentle, and healthy manner, while the skin absorbs vitamins and enzymes. It helps to reshape the body and deeply nourish the skin resulting in softer more supple skin. The treatment begins with exfoliation by dry brushing, and then the marine detox body mask is applied on the body. Once the product is on, you’re wrapped in a plastic sheet to stay warm, usually for roughly 10-15 minutes. When the time is up, you’re unwrapped and the product is taken off. The body wrap usually ends with an application of lotion (technically not a massage)."*

The Pace Health Club & Nu Spa in Manchester is offering a “Spa Day with detox back treatment and derma facial; along with a hot drink or mineral water to relax with. We asked the Spa manager to elaborate a little.

What is the treatment?

“It starts with a dry body brush. We then use a special body wash, then a scrub. We then wash the back again before giving you a mini-massage. This is good exfoliation for the back. It’s a really nice treatment and very relaxing with the mini-massage.”

Why the back?

“It lets out all the impurities in the skin and the back tends to be a place that is hard to get too.

And what are the main benefits?

It is especially good if you have been on holiday, especially if you are starting to peel; but equally it is great to get rid of the dead layer of skin in a hard-to-reach place leaving you feeling invigorated.”

Managing Director of Diamonds Beauty & Spa, in East Yorkshire, Linda Pritchard, revealed what was behind their Spa Day with a detox back/neck/shoulder aromatherapy massage.

What are the main benefits of the treatment?

“As well as the detox benefit of the massage, we use a special blend of essential oils that are aimed at targeting and stimulating the lymphatic system (this is the body's one-way drainage system which moves fluid around and gets rid of waste products). If this isn’t working properly you can feel a little sluggish and tired. The main pressure points of the system are in the upper body area (neck, armpit, diaphragm etc.). The neck is also where people tend to exhibit stress by carrying tension there, which is also why this treatment focuses there. It is also beneficial for cell renewal.”

And according to Linda it is also all about the aftercare:

“We make sure we properly advise people following a treatment to allow them to enjoy the benefits in the days that follow; it isn’t just about the half-hour or hour they are having the massage. With this treatment we advise people to drink plenty of the right fluids, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, for 3 to 4 days to ensure they keep replenishing the water and allow them to flush the body out and get the most out of the detox. You do get an immediate feeling of relaxation during and straight after the massage, but by following the after-care we have noticed people get a real feel-good factor in the weeks after.”

steam room
steam room
The UK Spa Association (SPA-UK) supports the work UK spas do in increasing well-being and helping manage the negative effects of every day stress and keeping standards high. We asked the SPA-UK chairman, Charlie Thompson, why he believed spas should be at the forefront of people’s minds when they were thinking about detoxing.

“Taking a massage is a great way to detox! If your spa or beauty therapist uses the correct toxin removal techniques and has a good quality detoxifying body oil then this, together with a balanced diet and basic exercise can make you feel far lighter or alert. Quite simply, you'll have greater clarity and feel quicker both physically and mentally. With only 8% of the UK population currently using massage treatments in any given month, there is little doubt the world of spas can only grow and grow!”

So what you waiting for? Get 2014 off to an invigorating start by grabbing one of our exclusive spa deals.... and relax!

*if you have claustrophobia the detox marine wrap may not be the right treatment for you.