Relax with an Indian Head Massage

One of the main problems with visiting a spa is choosing which treatments you want to enjoy. At least, this is the problem I have! Ideally I want to submit myself to the expertise of the masseuses and therapists for hours on end, until I emerge beautified and relaxed. However, I couldn't dream of affording one of every treatment on the menu, and this means that I have to choose one or two treatments that will give me everything I need without leaving me bankrupt!

On a recent trip to the Mercure Hotel at Brandon Hall, I was able to enjoy a treatment before I left the hotel in the morning. I looked through the list, and struggled to choose which treatment to receive. A bit of me was leaning towards something that would make me beautiful and glowing, like some sort of facial or manicure, but mainly my over-worked and under-loved body was craving something soft, relaxing and enjoyable - namely, a massage. In the end, I opted for an Indian Head Massage, and dragged my lazy body out of bed first thing in the morning to enjoy it. If you like hard, powerful massages, that leave you aching but utterly relaxed, then an Indian Head Massage may not be your treatment of choice. It is much gentler and softer, and is more for those for whom the idea of a pummelling attack on muscle tension seems like the last thing they want. I sat in the warm, dimly lit room at the hotel, wrapped in a fluffy towel and sipping a cool glass of water. The massage began with a combination of hair stroking, shoulder massaging, and neck rotating, and I felt myself slipping into a trance like state within minutes. The rest was a slightly strange but utterly pleasurable experience, very gentle yet at the same time I could feel all the tension draining out of my head, neck and shoulders. It is a very different experience to many other massages - but I think I can declare myself a convert! Try out an Indian Head Massage at Brandon Hall Hotel yourself