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Review: So Spa, So Good

By Simon Baines, editor celebritain.co.uk

Feeling sluggish? The lighter evenings not enough to get you out of those winter blues? Well gorgeous, what you need, is a good old pampering session.Oh yes. Now the Midlands is host to some top notch spa’s – all of which you can check out here at lastminute.com. In fact, there are so many great offers to choose from, that I over-exerted myself just thinking about it. Time for an actual spa me-thinks….….Now, hopefully, I’m going to be able to sample all kinds of spas and all kinds of treatments across the midlands – so I can tell you which ones are full of good stuff, and which, if any, are not. I know what you’re thinking, but as a 29 year old male, I really don’t know what to expect! Are these places just for girls?I opted to visit Ragdale Hall – a beautiful haven in the heart of Leicestershire, which has won all kinds of awards. Ahhhh, bliss!Nice coffee shops and a comfy, quiet lounge – complete with Raggy the cat – all make it very inviting. There’s great food on offer in the café’s, some lovely healthy drinks to try, and brilliantly, some top notch shops to check out!THE SPAThe Spa itself is huge. There's a massive heated pool, with plenty of loungers around the side. Go to one area of the pool, and you'll find jets designed to massage your back, and others that massage your feet. There's also a very warm and relaxing jacuzzi.Then, there's a very warm pool which takes you outside - complete with jets to massage your shoulders and a waterfall, this was just great. Around the edge of this pool, are different rooms.... saunas, special showers, and even an enchating underground candle pool await you.THE TREATMENTSRagdale Hall boasts a massive catalogue of treatments, meaning it is difficult to choose which one to have. I thought I’d go for the obvious and had a back massage. Wow. Not only was it reasonably priced, but it was the best 50 minutes of my life. Well, almost. Absolute heaven, and I didn’t mind smelling like a boudoir at the end of it.There’s a huge choice of treatments on offer, and we can strongly recommend Ragdale’s resident Homeopathic doc; Dr Heli Ots.THE FOODBlimey! I thought it’d be a choice of different types of lettuce leaves, but not all this! Wow, we had the hot lunch buffet – three courses of gorgeous food, which we were assured was healthy.I have to admit, I thought Ragdale would be full of middle aged women and gaggles of girls – but not so. There were loads of guys my age, and this kind of thing is clearly popular with couples. This place is huge, and has all kinds of rooms – one even has a huge double bed for you to flop in!Get in! I think that’s a license to come back – or at least, check out another spa very soon!Tempted? lastminute.com have oodles of great spa offers.