Review: Round Up of the Best Theatre Blogs

Ta dah! Welcome to our best of theatre blogs round up - a choice and varied collection of theatrical voices and some backstage whispers thrown in for good measure. I hope you've all had a good look around the deals on offer during London Theatre Week. London theatre is just amazing isn't it? There is just so much going on all year round, it's sometimes a good idea to dip a toe in the water to keep up with it all. I'd say the best place to do that is online - you can search for video content on youtube to see what the show is like and check out the listings and newspapers to get further info. I like seeking out the opinion of others so I tend to check out bloggers. With the plethora of blogs around theatre, it's even easier to get closer to the West End than ever before. To help you navigate around this most complex of stage settings, I've pulled together a list of what I consider to be the best Theatre blogs on the planet... And here you go for starters, our top 10 theatre blogs. London Theatre Blog is a group-authored resource which has plenty of good stuff. Check out these audio visual pages which are a pleasure on the eye. The Guardian newspaper has its own Theatre Blog which covers all manner of productions and chatter. It's definitely worth checking out. British Theatre Guide Blog is a narrative of all that's going on in UK theatre-land. Our resident theatre expert Alistair Green has recommended What's On Stage as a top news source for theatre lovers, so definitely check this out if you want up to the minute info. You can not mention the word theatre without that cornerstone of the artsmedia The Stage coming to mind and it also has a great blog, check out The Stage Blogs here and get even more inside info. Here's a great Liverpudlian blog call Theatre Junki which reviews a wide range of productions and is a very thoughtful and thought provoking read. Heading back to the big smoke is Indie London which is a guide to all things art and entertainment in the capital. I really like West End Whingers - a sort of Hinge and Bracket for the blogosphere - they say they're a blog about how they 'begrudgingly cut into their wine time to tell you whether it’s worth missing the Merlot for the Marlowe'. The UK Theatre Network has loads of bulletins on theatre news - whether it's a casting call or new production announcement - this place will keep you in the know. Here's a great blog from a journalist in Scotland who regularly writes for the national newspapers. Mark Fisher's Scottish theatre blog is definitely worth a visit. And finally, here is a real gem Encore Theatre magazine and a round up of global theatre blogs. If you have any additions to this list, just put the url in the comment section and I'll be pleased to add it. For more on theatre deals check