Restaurant Review: Mews of Mayfair

I don’t often have posh meals out, saving luxury experiences for special occasions – and sticking to cheap locals or chain restaurants the rest of the time. It is probably a consequence of being brought up to appreciate the value of money, and it does of course make those rare occasions for fine dining all the more enjoyable. As I was heading down to London last weekend for a weekend of decadence and shopping with my mother, I thought it was a great opportunity to get some great grub.Although there is an endless range of restaurants in London, I wanted something that was in a smart location, and which is quiet and secluded enough for my mum and I to have some proper mother-daughter time. It was with this in mind that we ended up at the luxurious Mews of Mayfair, a prime dining establishment situated in the heart of London, near Bond Street.You're safely tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life in the Mews, as it's neatly hidden away down Lancastershire Court, a pedestrianised alley way packed with spas and pubs and restaurants. The situation is perfect – you can easily walk from the tube, but you don’t have to see all the commuters zooming past if you just want to wind down in the early evening. Oh – and the bar downstairs and vibe of the area are definitely all about the chaps – so if you like a little upper class male totty in vintage style suits you will be very happy upon leaving on a Friday night!Eye-candy aside, I was impressed through and through with the interior of the place. We wandered up the staircase into an immaculate room full of crisp white tablecloths and smart waiting staff. Everyone was smiling and happy, and early on a Friday night it was peaceful and quiet. Once settled and checked on by the staff, my mum and I tucked right into the main aim of the evening – ordering, and eating!If you are looking for food that teeters on the edge of nouvelle cuisine but without the miniature portions, then Mews of Mayfair is a good choice. My starter of Scallops looked astounding, and those looks actually delivered a salty burst of flavour followed by a gentle fruity zing. My mum had the goats cheese, and judging from the incomprehensible noises of appreciation I would go so far as to say she loved it!After the starters and homemade bread (which settled our stomachs but left us room), it was onto the main. Just as good as the start, if not more so, these were filling yet smooth and delicious. My mother’s Lemon sole was so delicate it practically floated on your tongue, and my luxury choice of Fillet beef was perfectly cooked. I could have eaten a million times more than they served – but then I wouldn’t have had room for the decadent chocolate tart (Read: mmmmmmmmmmmm) and the sorbet!Smart, sophisticated and quite a treat, Mews definitely gets a thumbs up from me!