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One Heck of a Summer: Craig Finishes his Trip

‘One heck of a summer’ has come to an end.It’s finished nearly as quick as it started but has left me with a treasure chest of memories and unforgettable experiences which I will hold for a lifetime.

Along the way I’ve visited places that I wouldn’t have previously contemplated and tremendously enjoyed. I have made some great friends along the way and hold some memories that perhaps should not be recounted publically!

After living abroad for so many years, the opportunity to take a different friend with me to each location proved a great way to catch up on the past.

So many memories stick to mind, but my top 10 would have to be:

10. The view of the London Eye from my balcony at the Park Plaza County Hall.

9. Fellow globe trotter Paul’s wife - nothing was ever quite straight forward for Toni! I was highly entertained from trip one from this great lady!

8. Being ushered onto the coach for a Tunisian desert safari at 6.30 am. Everyone was so proud of me thinking I’d got up especially for it. Needless to say, I was just arriving back to the hotel from the night before.

7. The rather grand balcony at the Hotel Cervantes, Paris. Eva Peron didn’t stand a chance to my serenading and performance to the streets of Paris after a night out.

6. Being treated to Business Class by American Airlines on the flight to NY....‘More champagne sir?’

5. Experiencing the pampering treats of New Hall Spa, Birmingham, an exquisite meal with Caroline (in an evening gown and huge heels), and then me insisting she climbs over the turnstiles down the dark country lanes to go and have a drink at the local.

4. After only the second ride at Alton Towers watching fellow globe trotter Paul’s face as he had to take time out to compose himself and regain his balance (and stop his breakfast from returning). Some people just can’t hack it.

3. Dining Al Fresco at Babylon on the rooftop terrace of Kensington Roof Gardens. Drinking cocktails with an old friend from Spain, it brought back memories of life in the sun (surprisingly enough it was a sunny September day in London).

2. Topping up that tan to a lighter shade of black in Tunisia. Combined with the Arabic tattoo it’s unsurprising they thought I was a local with the typical blonde girlfriend in tow.

1. My birthday in Paris with my friend from Texas. Rock en Seine, Moulin Rouge (free champagne all night) before a night of partying. ‘Désolé pour mon ami’ could be heard all night!

All in all it will feel strange having to make my own bed again, pay for meals when in restaurants and have to go onto lastminute.com to book the theatre tickets for myself! What a great summer I’ve had!