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One Heck of a Summer: Richard's Spectacular Luxor Trip

The trip to Luxor was nothing short of spectacular. It really is beyond belief to see some of the amazing structures that were built over 3000 years ago. Everything from the huge obelisk to the stunning hieroglyphics were something that has to be seen up close to truly appreciate how advanced the Ancient Egyptians really were.

Our final stop of the day was the Valley of the Kings. There are currently 62 opened tombs in the valley and following the advice of our tour guide, Fadi, we decided to visit the three most impressive.It was amazing to think that after some 3,000 years the tombs are still beautifully decorated with the colourful hieroglyphics and inscriptions to the point where it feels like they could have been constructed just a few days ago! Unfortunately, because of the sensitivity around these precious tombs you are not allowed to take photography, so you will just have to book a holiday to be able to see for yourself!

Tomorrow is a Quad biking trip into the Egyptian desert, definitely one of my more adventurous trips.Check back in a couple of days to see how we got on!