Manchester Bosses Splash the Cash on Christmas Parties

Companies in the North West are amongst the biggest spenders for the annual office party today revealed that, despite the recession, companies in the North West are ploughing money back into the local economy, with 50% of employers splashing out up to £50 per head on their staff on the office Christmas party. Plus, when asked how much they will be spending on their employees, 2% of North West businesses even claimed to splash out over £1000 per head. This may seem a small percentage but when compared to the rest of the UK, only one other region came close to this figure (West Midlands at 1%). The figures are part of wider national research which reveals that almost 11 million working Brits are snubbing the recession by going ahead with their office parties. And while 23% of parties being held ‘on a budget’ these parties will still plough over £450 million back into the economy. This year, workers are pulling together in the spirit of Christmas, not relying on employers to fork out, but on office camaraderie to make sure the party goes off with a bang. 25% of workers are contributing to the budget out of their own pockets, embracing the new BYOB (Bring Your Own Bubbly) for office toasts before heading out. They are also sourcing entertainment from their own teams (boss by day, Disco Dave by night!), determined to make the most of the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with colleagues. The Christmas Party team has seen a 34% rise in bookings on the same period last year, as office workers are increasingly taking the organisation into their own hands and getting the best deals early. “The office Christmas Party is the social event of the year for many workers,” says Mark Bower, Lifestyle Expert at, “Our research has shown that nearly half the country’s workforce think the office party is crucial for staff morale. After such a demanding year, it is great to see that the UK is mucking in to make sure the office festivities still go ahead.” And the most important part of the Christmas party for the North West? Sitting back and watching the office romances unfold – 1 in 5 Mancunians cite this as what they look forward to the most, more than 3 times that of anywhere else in the country. is also offering another reason for workers to take the lead on organising the Christmas Party – those that book through the site will be treated to a free meal for two in January 2010 at their chosen venue. For Christmas Party bookings, including restaurants and hotels visit: