London Gigs: The Futureheads Play The Scala

If the prospect of the forthcoming election hasn't got you excited, you'll be looking for some alternative entertainment on 6 May. How about some top notch, spiky, post-punk rock?If that sounds like your kind of thing, we're pleased to report that The Futureheads are returning to London, playing the Scala the same day the country goes to the polls. The gig was announced before the election, so even though their track Stupid and Shallow could probably apply to any number of expenses-tainted MPs, there's no sneaky political agenda here.You'll probably be most familiar with The Futureheads' take on Kate Bush's Hounds of Love - quite possibly one of the greatest cover versions of all time. Unfortunately their subsequent material didn't do as well, and their profile faded even though albums two and three contained plenty of excellent tracks.That's all in the past though, and with a new album out soon, The Futureheads are back. Their latest single, Heartbeat Song, has been getting loads of airplay. With its bubblegum sound, catchy chorus and familiar stop-start guitars, it bodes well for the new album.They always put on a good show too. Quite apart from the tight-as-anything sound, there's good-natured banter and great chat with the audience. We're not saying stand-up would be a good alternative career, but they'll make you chuckle between songs rather than doing that awkward-silence-while-we-tune-our-guitars-again thing that some bands specialise in.So there you go: vote with your feet and get down to King's Cross on 6 May to see what The Futureheads have in store. And if you're not in London, you can probably catch them closer to home, as this gig is part of a nationwide tour. See their website for all the dates and ticket details