London Gigs: Watch DJ Yoda's Cinema Show

Despite the name, DJ Yoda wasn't born in a galaxy far, far away and doesn't have green skin. He's actually from London and he's a total master on the turntables - as you'll already know if you've ever seen him live.He tears up music of all genres, combining TV themes, random samples, tunes you recognise and tunes you don't to create a truly unique sound. Billed as a hip-hop DJ, but using everything from The Final Countdown to the theme from the A-Team in his sets, DJ Yoda's wicked sense of humour and enormous skill guarantee a memorable performance - even if you're not a total turntablism-hip-hop-nut.That's been more true than ever since 2008, when he added a whole new dimension to his act: video.That's right, as if mixing audio wasn't demanding enough, Yoda now scratches video footage live, using a specially-developed mixer. We haven't quite worked out how he's got the skill, rhythm and enough spare limbs to make it all come together on stage, but it works beautifully.What's more, he's got a great taste for what's topical and will make the audience laugh - witness his recent scratching of

Terry and Wayne Bridge not shaking hands. That's the sort of moment that makes a Yoda show - part DJ, part cinema, part comedy ... whatever you call it, it's certainly tricky to pigeonhole and seriously entertaining.Have a look at his website to find out where you can see him next.