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Don't Be Caught Napping: It's World Pillow Fight Day!

So the first rule about the pillow fight club is; you don't talk about the pillow fight club. However at we are not really ones for sticking to hard and fast rules, so we couldn't resist a cheeky look at the nation's favourite bed accessory, the humble pillow, ahead of International Pillow Fight Day on April 6. Cities across the world, from Paris to London and Amsterdam to Barcelona, will be staging massive pillow fights. If you are looking for things to do in London this weekend, the feathers will be flying in Trafalgar Square, so grab your pillow and get involved. Technique wise, anything goes; whether you prefer to use a two-hand grip, or prefer to let fly with one hand clutching the pillow case and the other fending off blows from your fellow fighters.

Pillow fighting
Pillow fighting


While pillows are alright for fighting, their real use is to support us while we snooze. According to the Norwegian National Centre of Expertise for Sleep-related Diseases, the wrong pillow is one of the most common causes for poor sleep in hotels. Some people swear by two pillows, others prefer one, while for other's it is all about the padding and they wouldn't dream about laying their head down on anything but the most expensive feather filling.

Pillow talk:

The Marriot hotel chain have "bolstered" their reputation for luxury with rave reviews for their pillows. Whether you are staying at one of their five-star hotels in London or looking for a doze in Dublin at The Shelbourne Hotel; they claim there pillows are some of the best. We asked our friends at the Marriot Kensington about why their pillows have become a "sleep"-talking point for guests.

London Marriot Hotel County Hall bedroom
London Marriot Hotel County Hall bedroom

What makes your pillows so great?

 Not only are our pillows soft and comfortable what sets us apart is the volume of pillows on our beds! (six luxury pillows per bed!)

Do you have a dedicated pillow tester?

Although we don’t have a dedicated pillow tester our team often take it upon themselves to make sure the pillows are up to the standards we would expect for our guests!

Do you have any hyper-allergenic pillows for guests with allergies?

Yes, we have foam pillows on request in addition to our standard feather pillows!

What are the pillow cases made of?

Egyptian Cotton.

What sort of feedback do you get from guests about your pillows?

We pride ourselves on our pillows and bedding, which is 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets  and many of our guests rave about how comfy the Marriott bed is and what a great night’s sleep they get.

Let us know your slumber stories! Tell us where you have found the best pillows in Britain on your travels, by leaving a comment in the box below. Sweet dreams!