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[Infographic] Fancy A LOL-Cation? Find Out Where The UK's Funniest City Is

As the world renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival draws to a close, it turns out that it's the residents of Birmingham who are having the last laugh . Our research* reveals that the second largest metropolis in England is firmly in front as the funniest city in the UK. Check out the infographic below to see where your nearest town or city comes in the laughter ladder.


The good folks of Birmingham admit to regularly playing practical jokes on friends or family, and they're closely followed by Leeds and Cardiff in second and third. It’s all smiles for Hull and Wolverhampton, whose residents state they laugh out loud on average five and a half times a day – more than anywhere else in the UK. Meanwhile, dispelling myths that residents of the capital are stony-faced, those looking for proper belly laughs should head to London as it is officially the city in the UK where you’re most likely to laugh until you cry - and here's the best London comedy venues to do that. Which makes sense as a selection of the final shortlist from the lastminute.com Edinburgh Comedy Awards will be heading down to London’s West End in October for three unique, rib-tickling, laugh out loud evenings.

My dad has suggested that I register for a donor card. He's a man after my own heart" - Masai Graham - Winner of the  funniest joke of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Get tickets for the Fringe Comedy Awards Shows in London.

lastminute.com Comedy Awards - Award Nominees
lastminute.com Comedy Awards - Award Nominees

If you’re practising your stand up, Leicester dwellers look to be the easiest to make laugh, whilst residents in Hull and Exeter are dubbed some of the toughest crowds to please. However, when you do finally make them crack, the LOLs keep on coming as interestingly they come top of the laughter league table. As the city that admits to laughing at themselves the most for doing or saying something stupid, it’s also all about online LOLs for Leeds residents as it is the city that shares the most comedy content online - on average two and a half times a week. Whilst down south, Plymouth dwellers confess to being the silliest. Nationally, Brits stated sarcastic or deadpan as the style best describing their own sense of humour. Despite this, it is traditional big-arena stand-up that makes every town LOL the hardest, with comedians such as Michael McIntyre and Peter Kay raising the most laughs.

Michael McIntyre (c) Bristol Hippodrome
Michael McIntyre (c) Bristol Hippodrome


Belly laughs in Bristol?

But if you live in Bristol – a city famed for its diverse culture – you’re five times as likely to see new and emerging acts before they’re famous (25 per cent) compared to the residents of Norwich (5 per cent). That might be because it's got a thriving comedy scene. If you fancy checking it out for yourself, here's our guide to Bristol's best comedy venues. And this is despite Bristol coming bottom of the UK’s funniest towns as the city's inhabitants admit that they are the least likely city to tell a joke, or make a pun - probably because they leave it to their famous comedians like Bill Bailey, Russell Howard and Stephen Merchant.

Hailing from Bristol - Bill Bailey (c) Bristol Hippodrome
Hailing from Bristol - Bill Bailey (c) Bristol Hippodrome

The full list of 25 of the UK’s Funniest Town's Overall Laughter Score

  • 1. Birmingham
  • 2. Leeds
  • 3. Cardiff
  • = 4. Hull & Newcastle upon Tyne
  • 6. Exeter
  • 7. London
  • = 8. Plymouth & Portsmouth
  • 10. Sheffield
  • 11. Stoke on Trent
  • 12. Coventry
  • = 13. Swansea & Cambridge
  • 15. York
  • 16. Manchester
  • 17. Edinburgh
  • 18. Glasgow
  • 19. Brighton
  • 20. Belfast
  • 21. Liverpool
  • = 22. Leicester & Norwich
  • 24. Nottingham
  • 25. Bristol

*The survey of 2000 British adults was conducted by Opinim on behalf of lastminute.com in August 2016. Social Media Consultancy, Immediate Future, also analysed open-web conversations from 1 st August 2015 to 1 st August 2016. The deep-data dive evidenced over 71million posts using LOL, ROFL, LMAO, PMSL, Ha ha, ha ha ha and / or smiley emojis.