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Giftastic! Our G+ Design Competition & Favourite Travel GIFs

Last week we launched our lastminute.com Google+ Cover Design Competition. We asked people to create an animated GIF version of our Google+ Cover to win some cool prizes. If you fancy taking part check out our competition page for more details The launch of this competition has meant that we've been thinking about GIFs all day and night around the office. We thought that we'd put this to some good use and showcase some of our favourite travel GIFs! (apologies for any eye related injuries caused by a page full of animated imagery shenanigans)

[slideshow_deploy id='9274']

If you've got a favourite travel GIF, come an say hi on our Google+ page and let us know. We tried to find the original sources for each GIF but came up blank! If you created any of these email inspiration@lastminute.com and we'll make sure you are credited.