Globe Trotter Richard Conway Sends us His Latest Blog from Dubai

Going to Dubai? Don’t forget your salopettes….  

 Arriving in Dubai at the Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa, my ‘One Heck of a Summer’ was beginning to gather pace. Dubai is a strange yet majestic place. Huge skyscrapers and luxurious hotels appear through the mist created by the sand blowing in to the city from the miles of dunes surrounding it. The city is beyond ambitious. Hundreds of hotels and tower blocks line the roads as the development continues on the creation of the world and galaxy islands. Following the advice of many of my peers back in the UK I decided to book a place on the evening desert safari through the hotel. Having literally just returned I can say if you visit Dubai this is something you HAVE to fit in! Heading out of the city to the desert I was largely suspicious of the quality of our driver, however, once the 4X4 hit the sand dunes his skills soon became apparent. What followed was a 30 minute rollercoaster in the luxury of a car with air con! It felt like the 4X4 was on the edge of tipping at least a dozen times. Peering over the edge of a sand cliff or streaking down the slope every minute was just exhilarating. I love my new job. 

 The driving came to a stop for dinner and we were presented with the delights of a belly dancing show. I still maintain that my skills would surpass that of the dancer had I not filled myself on the delicious kebab that was served! The error of my ways was further highlighted when I realised we had to drive back through the dunes, but our driver’s night time driving proved just as impressive. Tomorrow the plan is to visit Aquaventure, a huge water park located at the top of the Jumeriah Palm in the Atlantis Hotel. Swimming with dolphins and riding the slide through the shark pool is on the list of things to do. Check back soon to see if I managed to survive the deadly encounter… Next stop London – got any suggestions for cool things to see?