Globe Trotter in New York: Richard has a Bite of the Big Apple


With so many skyscrapers in New York it was almost hard to decide which one would be the best to go to the top of. I luckilyhad a tip that the best views are from the ‘Top of the Rock’ on the Rockefeller Centre. The amazing Central Park seems to stretch out for miles and yet still seems out of place in such an urban jungle. Then 10 steps over to the other side of the platform and you can see the huge Empire State building and in the distance, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

We took a quick trip downtown to get the ferry trip over to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island which is of particular interest to me as my great-grandparents both came through it to settle in America. What many of the immigrants had to go through just because of the rumours of a better life in America was an incredibly humbling experience. I was extremely glad that I did get to visit the memorials so I can describe it all to my grandma when I get back home.


As I sit at JFK waiting for my flight back to Heathrow I realise that my One Heck of a Summer is over. It has been a completely amazing three months and I have had the opportunity to see and do so many. Being the globe trotter has been the best career break I could possibly wish for, my only problem now is going to be trying to get back into normal working life – somehow I don’t think a normal 9-5 office job is for me anymore!

With that in mind I’m already looking forward to my next adventure: a short trip to the Far East taking in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Vietnam. I’ll keep on blogging and who knows maybe I’ll be able to carve out a full career as a travel writer one day.