From Mosh Pit to Museum: A Round Up of Cultural Blogs

London is awash with cultural centres; be it museums, art galleries, theatre or music venues. I spotted this exhibition above at the National, and funnily enough it made me think nationally, as in what is going on across the UK at the moment? In the name of inspiration, I've discovered some great blogs which I think you may find of interest. They span music, poetry and art and they cover the length and breadth of the country. Why do I think they're so great? It's because they're lovingly put together so you can expect some real treats here and you might discover a few gems here that inspire you to travel a little bit further. LiveBrum is a great place to visit to find out what live performances are going on in Birmingham. It has an umbrella site AllBrum that covers Arts and Digital events too - there's lots going on for all ages and tastes and many events are free. John Mostyn is a music promoter so it's great to read about music and festivals from someone who is truly in the know. His amazing career has spanned working with the Specials, Selecter, Alison Moyet and the Beat, to name but a few. He is more famous for generally championing the music scene in Birmingham and doing it to great acclaim. Check out his blog where he has great photos of his travels and his recent trip to Glasto. UKFests is a great place to hunt around for inside news and gossip around the festival season. They update daily, so worth checking back regularly. I like Poets on Fire a lot, and here's what they say about themselves: Poet, novelist and critic Jane Holland started stoking the furnaces of Poets on Fire in 2006 and, to ease her increasing work load, called in re-enforcements to ensure the blog keeps burning brightly. Nina Davies, Matt Merritt, and Charlotte Runcie share Jane's fiery passion for live poetry (whether in pubs, clubs, bookshops or theatres, whether it's Slam!, open mic or formal reading) and are hell-bent on bringing you up-to-the-minute news about all the live poetry events in the UK. Culture24 has an amazing array of over 4,000 galleries and museums across the UK and is spot on if you want to have a hunt around for somewhere interesting to go. It has a younger, more vibrant sister site Show.Me.Uk which has a round up of all the cool stuff in museums such as interactive exhibitions. There's another area on the site worth checking out called Spliced which pays homage to the quirky and unusual art exhibitions and events which you may not usually know about. For places to stay across the UK check out hotel offers and do some good stuff.