Fool proof Christmas Party Planning – for Everyone!

The dreaded office Christmas party. Organising this annual event can reduce even the most hardened professional to tears; the dietary requirements, the secret Santa, the politics of the seating plan, the budget! Make this year different with some top tips from the professionals and you’ll create a celebration everyone will remember (for the right reasons!). At Radisson Blu Edwardian we organise over 1800 parties a year and we’ve been there, done that with every possible party request you can think of. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that these top five tips are guaranteed to see you through the party season without a hitch;

  1. Be Prepared

We’re talking excel spreadsheets here guys – keep everything in one place and you can keep track of who has RSVP’d, who is allergic to what and who doesn’t want to sit next to who. This will help to keep anxiety at bay when party time is nearing. Send out your party invites in plenty of time. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in December are hot property so get in there early in September or October at the latest to ensure a good turn out. Don’t be afraid to delegate too, if you have a couple of allies helping you, it will make for a smoother evening.

  1. Choose a stunning venue

Wow your guests from the off in a fantastic location and a multitude of sins will be forgotten. Forgot the party poppers? No one will remember if they’re all admiring the view. Try theming your event as well – once you have a theme to work to, decisions on food, venue, drinks and dress code will become much easier

Hampshire Hotel
Hampshire Hotel

  1. Great food and plenty of wine

People always remember good food. Provide amazing food and plenty of booze and you’re on to a winner. If it’s a canapé party, calculate 3-6 pieces per person and be sure to have a dessert canapé – most people like something sweet to finish with. Drink-wise, assess the audience before you order. If the majority of guests are men, they may prefer beer to wine – try and suss out preferences before you pre-order anything.

Dessert canape
Dessert canape
  1. Make accommodation accessible

There’s always one; the person who enjoys themselves that little bit more than necessary. By holding your party in a hotel, you have the added benefit of bedrooms available – handy for shuffling an intoxicated party-goer away from the bar and safely into bed. One of the top tips from our team is don’t be tempted to put disposable cameras on the tables, no one wants to see themselves on Facebook, especially your boss!

  1. The After Party

Don’t forget about afterwards. If the party is rocking, your guests will want to move on to another bar or club – get ready with suggestions of late-night venues nearby. A smooth transition between either carrying on the party or taxis to go home in is make or break so be sure to think about this in advance. Sounds like too much stress? Draft in the experts! They’ll think of everything so you don’t have to – find out more about parties at Radisson Blu Edwardian.