Escaping the Dullness with a City Break


You have just put on a pair of thick opaque tights and your warmest coat. The umbrella is, once again, your best friend. Your hair refuses to be anywhere close to "styled" thanks to the dampness, and every trip from car to house results in your trousers soaking water up to your knees. The British summer seems to be doing its best to be wet and miserable, and everyone out there is in desperate need of a quick Vitamin D top up, or at the least a chance to escape from the wet and the cold to somewhere warmer and more enjoyable. The perfect solution to all these problems is a weekend break. You don't even have to take a day of work if you don't want to, but you still get the opportunity to experience a new place with some (hopefully) hot weather, and come back feeling recharged and refreshed. So, where are the best places to go?


I love this place, completely and utterly. The city itself is choc-a-bloc with things to see and do, ranging from experiencing the amazing Gaudi architecture  (including that oh-so-famous and still not finished Cathedral), through to enough expensive designer clothing to sink a ship. If I were you I would make time for a little relax on the Barcelona beach (I know, a city with a beach, it is like heaven!), and ensure that you look around the old Stadium up on the hill. Museums and other such cultural activities are in abundance too, along with the sunny summer weather.


Ah, Rome. Regal, beautiful, and wonderful, all in the same moment. The capital of Italy is the sort of place that you can enjoy wildly if you have unlimited amounts of cash to spend, but which at the same time is more than welcoming of the budget travellers and the backpackers. There are, of course,a  few trips everyone must do on at least one break in Rome. Visit the Colosseum with the rest of the crowds, explore the Pantheon, and of course tip your hat to the Vatican City. Again, this place is likely to be hot, so take that sunscreen with you.


Not quite such an obvious city break, and perhaps not as definite a destination for the sun-worshippers amongst us, Berlin is loved by many and becoming ever more popular. The nightlife is incredible, the architecture astounding, and the whole place has an atmosphere that is much more enjoyable than many touristy destinations. Be sure to visit Badeschiff if you get the chance - this is a barge turned "bathing ship" swimming pool that is sure to go down as one of the most surreal experiences of your trip!


If you fancy going further afield for your weekend break, it is now possible without having to spend all your life savings and travelling for a week just to get there. Dubrovnic, a gorgeous city in the relatively unspoilt country of Croatia is constantly growing in popularity. You get the beautiful scenery and sun, without quite the same influx of tourists. It is well worth a visit in order to relax, and if you go in the summer be sure to go during the Summer Festival, which transforms the city.