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Heard the one about the comedy gig on the tube?

No, it's not a shaggy dog tale. We asked took two award-wining comedians with proven "track" records, Tony Law and Scott Gibson, to take the concept of "underground" comedy to a whole new level.We were aiming at getting Londoners laughing on the line ahead of our Fringe Comedy Award Shows.And Tony and Scott totally managed that on Saturday 8th October, when they improvised more than three hours of free stand-up on the (Comedy) Central line  between 8pm and 12amTube-goers got an unexpected kick start to their evening in the city as the comics travelled east to west and back again - watch the video below.


So how did the gig go?

You might be familiar with Tony Law for his TV comedy work on 8 Out of 10 Cats and Russell Howard’s Good News.Tony's outlandish riffing certainly captured the attention of commuters, tourists and late night revellers.Here's his take on the night.

He said: "I've performed in some strange places in my time (15th century Mayan temples, toured Kublai Khans court, Silk Road). The Underground is about the last place I'd ever want to do a gig. But in the spirit of art and the spirit of promoting a very good thing like the Fringe Comedy Awards I thought let's do it."
He added: "It will be something. Awful or great. The contract between comedian and audience is that everyone wants it to happen. This has none of that. Awesome".
DID YOU KNOW? The Central Line was known for years as the "Twopenny Tube" as it was the first line to have a flat fare. It did go up to a whopping three pence in 1907 for longer journeys.
Scott Gibson works the carriage
Scott Gibson works the carriage
The critics are certainly on board with Scott Gibson's style, who won this years Edinburgh Comedy Awards. 
All night Scott was great at owning the carriage, interacting with commuters and bringing people into the performance.
TOUGH CROWD? The comedians could have had it worse - the first ever Central Line journey back in 1900 had the then Prince of Wales, Edward, and celebrated author, Mark Twain on board.

Prefer to sit down and watch some comedy?

You can still get tickets for The Fringe Comedy Awards Show in London on 17th, 24th and 31st October.We've also found five of the best comedy venues in London to get you started or look at our latest deals on comedy tickets.

Other comedy stations to potentially visit

  • David Brent Cross
  • Cannon & Ball Street
  • Benny Hill
  • Victoria Wood
  • Take a Bow Road
  • Russell Brand Square


We'd love to know where your ultimate comedy gig would be?

Where would you most want to see stand-up comedy? Let us know by leaving a comment below.