The Sound Of The Summer: Interview with Hed Kandi's Max Hardcastle

With temperatures beginning to hot up,’s partnership with dance music giant, Hed Kandi, sees us jointly hosting a beach party this weekend to showcase the tracks from their new Beach House Album. Last week it was Ben Santiago, this week in the second of a series of guest posts, proving she can spin her words as well as her grooves, its the turn of Hed Kandi DJ Max Hardcastle.


So Max, how do you prepare for a summer of spinning tracks?

The anticipation of the summer is a feeling you just can't beat. I allow myself to slip into a daydream and imagine up the perfect holiday, of course, in tune to the perfect sound track. There is one album that gives me permission to wander off in my own little fantasy world; Hed Kandi's Beach House, and so with the current release upon us, it’s official: summer is on the way.

What does this year’s release have to offer?

Pick up any Beach House album, old or new, and its Balearic beats lined with sexy vocals will instantly transport you to your idyllic destination. With this album, faithful fans can be rest assured of the traditional sleek sounds, it has everything you would expect and more such as tracks from Kings of Tomorrow, Joey Negro and Frankie Knuckles. The newer generation of music lovers will be pleased to hear deep house tunes from the likes of Lee Foss and Miguel Campbell and quirky nu disco grooves.

In your view, what is THE track to look forward too?

My favourite on the album is Bad Boys Cry by Mark Lower. Its haunting vocals make it addictive and I constantly have it on repeat. Definition Of Luv by Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band is the type of track you want to wake up to in the morning – it's groovy and warms the soul!


What can clubbers expect from this weekends launch party?

I have been hooked ever since my first release on the Beach House in 2007, so you can imagine the excitement when I was told that this year I will be DJIng at the Ministry of Sound courtyard for the launch of the 2013 release. Plus they have teamed up with, bringing Ibiza to the heart of London for the day and giving access to exclusive travel deals to Hed Kandi party destinations.

What else can we expect from you this summer?

I shall be back in the studio working on my new releases that I can't wait to share. After releasing my recent material on Pacha Recordings I'm ready to jump back in. Without a doubt I shall be trotting around the globe, spinning music that I love. I recently played at the Goa Beach Grind in India, which was my best gig to date. Next stop is Monaco and I'm super excited!

Sounds awesome! How can we follow your experiences over the coming months?

Here you can follow the madness by following me on my social media channels:,

Thanks Max, and look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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