Brighton Rocks and Poles

I've always called Brighton London-on-sea because it's so metropolitan with lots of choice. You can go for ultra modern, shabby chic or just plain outrageous.One of my favourite places to stay in Brighton is the futuristic myhotel.Here's a taste of the psychedelic decor below - it's very different from the Bloomsbury and Chelsea myhotels. Don't forget your iPod either - there's a handy little gadget in all of the rooms to plug it into and you can have surround sound in your room. There's a great selection of DVDs you can borrow from the concierge, but there are so many bars and clubs to go to that a night in would be a wasted opportunity.

The main bar has several aquariums and it's really chic plus the cocktails are very good too.Another place to stay is the Umi Hotel which is relatively new, but the building is actually 150 years old. It has a restaurant called the ‘Arrogant Frog’ self named by the French owner and is one of the best restaurants in Brighton.Now here's the really quirky bit. The hotel works with a company called Pink Kiss who teach dance as well as burlesque and even cheer leading, for up to 30 guests. Our very own Alex Large is pictured practising his pole dancing below.

Brighton is famous for great shopping and over the last few years a large number of highly individual shops have sprung up. Cyberdog, pictured below, is pretty surreal and the shop is worth a visit just to have a good look around inside at the decor.

The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is a really refreshing place to go - it's right next to the Brighton Pavillion - as well as paying homage to the colourful local history of the City, it has great exhibitions and some brilliant permanent exhibits, like this DoDo cast below.

So that's I love Brighton - there is something for everyone and it's always interesting.