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24 Hours in London

Cup Cakes
Cup Cakes

If I had 24 hours in London, and money was no option, I'd be giddy on both counts. I'd also wonder who has been transferring money into my bank account, but that's another story. But here's what I'd get up to, in a magical 24 hours. 9am (no, I'm not getting up any earlier): I'd kick off at the Nevada Street Deli in Greenwich for a latte with the papers. It's a stunning little cafe, but any time after nine it gets very busy. Rightly so, too. 10:30: Time for breakfast! Yay! Off I skip to the Rivington Bar and Grill for eggs benedict. And more latte. And a mimosa. Or two. 12:00: Oh dear, am I a little tipsy now? Fabulous. Perfect time to head down to Greenwich Indoor Market and accidentally buy crafty goodies and vintage dresses from 360 Degrees Vintage. Oooh, let's go to Joy too. You'll like it there. 13:00: Oooh am I allowed to get on the ferry across the river? Hurrah! I like doing that. So yes, ticket for one please. Off I skip out the other side and head to Gordon's for a glass of wine. Yes, that will probably be my third drink. Shush, it's my imaginary day. 14:00: Quick whizz around the Portrait Gallery. And then stopping off at the National Gallery for cakes. What? Cake is a perfectly acceptable lunch. 15:30: Only three in the afternoon? Loads of time left! Excellent. Time for a stroll through Soho, and an ice cream from Scoop in Soho Square. In my imaginary day it's sunny. Obviously. 16:30: Marylebone now, for window shopping. So much fun here. All the old buildings are pretty, and the shops are fancy. I'll buy things that smell nice, clothes from little boutiques, and cheese from La Fromagerie. 18:00: Dinner time now! I'm starving. I'm hopping in a cab and going to Giaconda Dining Rooms. Or the new Hawksmoor in Covent Garden. Either way, I probably want steak. 20:00: Yes, more red wine please. Thank you. 21:30: Time for cocktails. At Rules, as I'm nearby. They make the tastiest cocktails in London. 23:00: Oooh, time has flown, hasn't it? Still, lots of time for fun. Jazz bar? Yes. Great idea. Off to Ronnie Scott's we go. 1:00: OK, time for a bit of dancing. Any of the tucked away bars in Soho will do nicely. There's all sorts of mischef to be had there. 4:30: My feet hurt. Time for sitting and watching the sun come up. A stroll along Southbank (as soon as I've found some coffee) will be perfect. 7:00: OK, time for a black cab home now. That was fun. I'm sleepy. Can we do it again soon? For ideas and inspiration for what you could do during a visit to London, or any region of the UK, head to