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We’d like to thank every customer who chose to offset their flight emissions. Together we have offset 100,000 tonnes of C02 - that’s like taking over 30,000 cars off the road for a year. The projects we have supported are also improving people’s lives, for example by providing safe drinking water, creating jobs and fighting poverty. also offset the carbon emmissions produced in their UK offices and from corporate travel.

What is Carbon Offsetting? We all love to travel, but know that planes consume fuel, generating carbon emissions and polluting the environment. By choosing to offset your flight, you will make a positive difference to counter this. The amount you pay – as little as £2.65 for a flight from Gatwick to Malaga - pays for a development project that reduces carbon emissions by the amount emitted by your share of the flight.

Why offset?
Your contribution helps balance the carbon emissions produced by your journey and makes a positive difference to the world’s poorest communities.

Where does the money go?
Your money helps to fund projects spanning water purification, clean cookstove technology and renewable energy. This helps to balance the carbon emissions produced by your flight while improving the health and well-being of some of the world’s poorest communities who are often those most affected by climate change.

How much is it to offset?
Our calculator was developed by ClimateCare in partnership with Oxford University’s world-leading Environmental Change Institute. It calculates emissions produced by your flight and the money required to fund projects that will in turn reduce emissions by the same amount.

Calculate your carbon emissions If you'd like to calculate and offset your carbon footprint for other travel activities, or simply interested in knowing more about carbon emissions, you can use ClimateCare's Carbon Calulator by expanding this box.

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