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Ever wanted to know all the top spots in your neighbourhood? Do you dream of impressing your friends with knowledge of hidden and amazing places just around the corner? Then topsee is probably your next favourite iPhone app. Offering up central London's finest in knitted cupcakes, mojitos, courtyard golf courses, Turkish baths, spring rolls, hidden graveyards and macaroons, the app is an ever-expanding collection of the capital's best kept secrets.

topsee is compiled by an all-star cast of London bloggers, the real experts on the latest greatest places to go and things to see, the top foodie finds, cool bars, shopping spots and quirky sights.

topsee includes:

  • a collection of top things to see near your current location in central London
  • a mixture of things to eat, drink, see, do and buy
  • an intuitive photo touch interface
  • full content, including a photo, an article, a map and all the relevant info such as opening hours and a phone number
  • handy buttons to email your favourite things, tweet them, or send them to Facebook

Use topsee to be the one in the know. Available now for the iPhone and iPod touch in English, and covering central London only (within the Zone 1 tube boundary).

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the topsee app is available on the iPhone App Store

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if you'd like to know more about the app, follow @topseelondon on twitter

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