We’re a small team working at in London inventing stuff. What new services and devices will people use to find the best stuff to do? We have no idea. But we’re going to try ideas out and see what happens. You can see some of our projects below.


Have you ever wished you knew about top spots in the London area you are visiting? Ever wanted to be the one to suggest the hidden cool places to go? Then topsee is just the app for you.
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snaffle is a new iPhone application which displays deals immediately available in your location. It is currently on trial in the Covent Garden area.
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Need a restaurant on the move? With fonefood you can find deals and book tables at over 6000 restaurants across Europe, directly from your mobile. Text fonefood to 85959 or...
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Wherever you are, the nru mobile application will work out your exact location, which way you’re facing, and how to find good stuff near you
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topsee shows you the top things to eat, drink, see, do or buy in London Zone 1, near your current location.


Use your iPhone or G1 Android phone to find out what's around you


Jo the phone does the legwork to find the perfect restaurant.

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