South Korea

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South Korea

Seoul, your inspiring stopover

Find your ‘Ki’ (Spirit), ‘Heung’ (Excitement), ‘Jeong’ (Affection)

Seoul is a great Stopover with a difference and a place to come and recharge your energy. Few capitals match the dynamic blend of ancient and modern. Skyscrapers tower over the capitals 600-year old centre, whilst Seoul N Tower stands imperious atop Mount Namsan and is the first visible landmark welcoming you to the city. It is from this viewpoint that you realise Seoul is not only protected by surrounding mountains, but also bisected by the ‘Han’ river, the cities life-blood flowing through its core.

So begin an inspiring experience in Korea’s capital Seoul!
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Visit historical sites such as Gyeongbokgung Palace or hit the shops in Myeong-dong or Apgujeong.
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Tours in Seoul are full of surprises, uncovering a modern city co-existing with a treasure-trove of ancient palaces, temples and beautiful gardens.
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Top things to see and do…

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace
Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, the official Royal Palace built in 1395 for the founder of the Joseon dynasty. Gyeongbokgung's pavilions are the most architecturally perfect in Seoul. For alternative cultural sites Korea has 9 UNESCO World heritages stretching from Seoul to Jeju Island.
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2. DMZ Tour
Take the DMZ tour… 241km wide and 2km long military demarcation line between South and North Korea known as the De Militarised Zone (DMZ). Many tours are conducted by American servicemen based there and visitors can step into the communist north by entering the barracks where the armistice agreement was signed. One side of the table is North Korea and the other is South Korea.
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3. Insa-dong District
Stop by the artsy Insa-dong district that bustles with street musicians, art galleries and shops selling art supplies, antiques and handicrafts along its main thoroughfare. Hidden down a quaint side-alley is ‘The Old Tea Shop’, serving every type of tea from Ginseng to Jujube date tea.
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4. Korean Cuisine
Taste one of the world’s healthiest cuisines and the national dish ‘Kimchi’ is the guiding force. Head to the many restaurants of Insadong to experience award winning Buddhist temple food or Korea’s signature dishes Bulgogi (slices of marinated barbecued beef) and Bibimbap (combines the spiciness of Korean chilli with steamed rice and vegetables).
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5. National Museum of Korea.
Boasting 135,000 relics stretching over five millennia, the National Museum of Korea is a must see attraction. 18 different halls exhibit Buddhist and historical artefacts as well as ceramic art pieces.
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6. Bukchon Village
To make a trip to Seoul even more culturally inspiring and memorable book a stay in a traditional ‘Hanok’ house at Bukchon Village. These eco-friendly structures were made from natural building materials such as rocks, soil and wood. Hanok houses retain traditional Korean style and sentiment. A relaxing stroll through the narrow streets of the village brings you to a small museum and many interesting art studios.
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7. N Seoul Tower
Located at the top of Namsan (Mountain), N Seoul Tower is the perfect place to admire the magnificent night and day vistas of Seoul. An observation deck, revolving restaurant and cultural spaces provide its visitors with a unique experience. Namsan Park is also a wonderful green space in which to exercise with other Seoulites.
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8. Cheonggyecheon Stream
The 2005 restoration of Cheonggyecheon stream breathed new life into the capital and is one of the nicest ways to stroll past many city icons, such as the great ceramic wall, a reproduction of King Jeongjo of Chosun’s procession. The 186m long mosaic is the largest of its kind in the world.
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9. Taekwondo Cultural Performance
Watch a Taekwondo Cultural Performance staged on the lawn of Gyeonghuigung Palace featuring a group of top Taekwondo masters who demonstrate the art of wood breaking and self-defence techniques. Korea’s national sport ‘Taekwondo’ is a designated Olympic sport and has a worldwide following of over 50 million people.
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10. Thermal Bath
If you want to immerse yourself into local culture, then visit an ‘Oncheon’ or ‘Jjimjilbang’ (thermal bath), which includes a choice of clay, crystal and mugwort herbal saunas and exfoliations scrubs to extract bad toxins and have one positively glowing.
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11. Gangnam Tour
Gangnam is a trendy suburb of Seoul, with designer stores, sophisticated restaurants and lively nightlife. Click here for your chance to visit Psy’s inspiration for Gangnam Style!
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12. Homestay
Stay with a Korean family and learn Korean. Click below to find out more information.
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