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    In Hungary’s capital you’ll find some great summer sunshine, a huge EU city and a beautiful river offset by some gorgeous architecture. A visit to Budapest with can be a great way to spend your holiday soaking in some European culture.

    Things to see

    The city itself is full of attractions, and has some unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else, as well as the usual variety of sightseeing attractions.
    On your trip you will realise how many gorgeous buildings are scattered across the city, buildings like Saint Stephen’s Basilica a large and impressive church, the Hungarian Opera House and Hungarian Parliament. One building that stands out from the crowd is the Chain Bridge. The bridge is a popular tourist attraction and makes for some great photographs from along the river.
    Unlike most cities in the world Budapest gives you the chance to delve down into the ground and experience caving like nowhere else. Once under the city you can take underground tours of the caverns beneath that make for a great afternoon’s exercise.
    The Shoes on the Danube memorial is a powerful reminder of the effects of World War II. The shoes run along the side of the river as their name suggests, illustrating the number of casualties in the city during those difficult years.

    Food time

    Bistro dining is extremely popular in Budapest, but if you’re looking for a particularly good spot then why not try the Zeller Bistro. This small restaurant does some great authentic Hungarian food for you to sample whilst on your holiday. The Walzer café is a less formal alternative, and not far from Buda Castle, so convenient to fit in with any tours or walks you might have planned. For more of a high-end meal you might like to try the Onyx Restaurant. The food is well recommended and comes meticulously presented for you.

    Go out at night

    The party scene in Budapest is famous, and there’s a night club for every kind of music if dancing’s your thing. The Jewish quarter of the city has some particularly famous bars and clubs, and Mazek Tov is the pick of the litter. Here you can have a casual beer, eat or stay up all night depending what you want from your trip. For a quirkier feel you can head across to 400 Bar, an ultra-modern watering hole that puts a twist on traditional Budapest drinking. Of course, there are a variety of more cultured ways to spend your evening if that’s what you want, with multiple theatres and shows that are changing all the time.