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    As the capital of Romania the city of Bucharest is a great holiday destination. The city is set on the Dambovita River and can reach impressive temperatures in the summer, thanks to its southern Romanian climate.

    Parks and gardens

    There are a number of parks and gardens to be seen in the city, often with other attractions and reasons to pay a visit. The Botanical Gardens are host to lots of local plants and can make for an educational trip, in particular if you visit the museum within the park. Carol I Park is larger and located elsewhere in the city. The park itself is beautiful. The main draw is the huge monument that used to be the final burying place of a Romanian communist leader. Now the monument holds the eternal flame, which marks the death of the Unknown Soldier.

    See the city

    The hop on hop off bus tour is a great way to get around, charging a low fair and allowing you travel for the majority of the day. The bus stops at all of the popular tourism spots so you will be able to take in the sights of the city without breaking into a sweat.
    Bucharest contains its own arch of triumph, similar to its famous Parisian cousin. The arch sits on a roundabout and most tours will take you to within stone’s throw of this impressive building. Elsewhere in the city is the House of the Free Press. The building is the tallest in the city, and built to model a Russian University. It was originally surrounded by a racing track for horses, although now the track has been removed.

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