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Following its overwhelming sell-out success in 2016, and picking up the Evening Standard Award for Best Musical, Jesus Christ Superstar is back! Returning for just 41 performances, this is one final chance to see the production in its original home.

What is Jesus Christ Superstar about?

A rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, the Jesus Christ Superstar musical has no spoken dialogue and is sometimes considered a modern rock-opera. Loosely based on the Gospels, Superstar tells the story of biblical Jesus in the final days leading up to his crucifixion. It focuses on the personal conflicts between Jesus, his disciples, the people of Israel, and the leadership of Rome. It pays special attention to the relationship between Judas Iscariot and Jesus, as well as Jesus’ relationship with Mary Magdalene. As Jesus' following increases, Judas begins to worry that Jesus is falling for his own hype, forgetting the principles of his teachings and growing too close to the prostitute Mary Magdalene. After Jesus has an outburst in a temple, Judas turns on him.

The Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack is a product of its era, permeated with 1970’s rock, gospel, folk and funk themes, modern language and colloquialisms, and high-energy dance numbers. Jesus Christ Superstar songs include Everything’s Alright, I Don’t Know How To Love Him, Heaven On Their Minds, Hosanna, and of course the Jesus Christ Super Star Overture.

The Jesus Christ Superstar cast of Declan Bennett, Tyrone Huntley (winner of the Evening Standard Emerging Talent Award for his performance last summer), David Thaxton and Peter Caulfield reprise their performances as Jesus, Judas, Pilate and Herod.

The London Jesus Christ Superstar show takes place at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, a cultural hub in the beautiful surroundings of a Royal Park. Voted London Theatre of the Year in The Stage Awards 2017, the Regent Theatre London receives over 140,000 theatre-goers each year during the 18-week season.


How Long is Jesus Christ Superstar Musical?

The full Jesus Christ Superstar running time is approximately 2 hours 10 minutes.


Jesus Christ Superstar Reviews

Evening Standard

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

"VIVID and COMPELLING. Each new production needs a sprinkling of directorial genius to give it wings. Delightfully, the Open Air Theatre makes this work soar. 
Timothy Sheader offers some of the most stylish direction I’ve seen all year” 

The Telegraph

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Each song is sung with such feeling that the soul of the piece, so volatile in tempo, comes roaring through. 
Superstar’s potency and its Christ-like radicalism – courting sacrilege, achieving an essence of spiritual intensity – is reborn" 

Jesus Christ Superstar - Booking information

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  • Your tickets will be held for you to collect at the venue's box office one hour before the performance 
    Please remember to bring along your confirmation email as proof of purchase 

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Every theatre performance is unique, but this is especially the case at the Open Air Theatre where both the stage and entire auditorium are uncovered.

Each visit can be distinctly different as the weather and light spontaneously interact with the play. Warm or cool, clear or overcast, the point at which dusk turns to night, being outdoors adds a thrilling contribution to our work and is an integral part of your experience here. Some of our audience's favourite memories have been of the sun breaking through the clouds during the show whilst some of the most electric performances happen in the wake of rainfall.

It's best to come prepared for all types of weather: bringing your own shade in the afternoon is particularly important as is a jumper for the end of evening performances. So sun hats, sun cream, sunglasses, raincoats and rain hats should all be considered. Although the vast majority of performances are completed each year, as the auditorium and stage are completely uncovered, we may have to stop and re-start the show.

On rare occasions, it will not be possible for us to complete the performance, but we will never cancel a performance before the advertised start time. This is because you would be amazed how often it can rain all day and then clear up just in time for the action to start and indeed, how localised bad weather can be. Also we really don't want to disappoint anyone - audiences or our actors (who are always keen to perform, if at all possible).

Please note that films and one-off live music and comedy shows are never cancelled because of the weather.


Tickets are non-refundable in the event of cancellation because of the weather but may be exchanged in accordance with our policy set out in section 5 of our Terms and Conditions.

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Cancellation Policy

No refunds or exchanges after booking. 

Jesus Christ Superstar - Event information

Please note that the auditorium and stage are completely uncovered and shows in the main theatre repertoire may be cancelled or abandoned because of the weather (this excludes films and one-off live music and comedy shows which are never cancelled because of the weather). Tickets are non-refundable in the event of cancellation because of the weather but may be exchanged in accordance with the policy set out in section 5 of Regent’s Park Theatre’s terms and conditions which are at

Additional Information

In order to prepare the venue and for the cast to complete their warm up, theatre gates open 90 minutes before evening performances and 60 minutes before matinees.

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