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The great thing about taking in a top comedian's act is that you never really get the same show twice. It doesn't matter if you are talking about top class British comedians such as Jimmy Carr, with his acerbic and fearless style of comedy, or Australian comedians such as Jim Jefferies, known for being so on the nose he was even punched live on stage by a punter! As long as you are in the seats when the artist begins, anything can happen.

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You can experience the polished style and lighting fast wit of popular comedians in a major venue that is packed to the rafters. Or, for something a little more low key, you can find the up and coming stand up comedians just around the corner from you in little venues and bars, trying out new jokes and slowly improving their craft. No matter where you go, however, you'll find yourself engulfed in the unmistakable energy and wonderful sense of uncertainty that exists in the atmosphere around any great comedian, whether you are watching the best young British comedians before they become famous, or enjoying some long established local colour, with the likes of Geordie and Cockney English comedians.

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Now, whether you live in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Bristol, anyone who has seen a top quality touring comedian in the past will know the age-old fear of sitting in the front row. But don't be scared to jump in feet first! That's where the real laughs are had, and whether they are Canadian comedians, female comedians from the UK, or any kind of comedian, performers love the chance for a bit of banter and respect the courage it takes to plant yourself front and centre. Of course, for all those who like to linger at the back, don't be fooled. Some comedians don't care where you hide. They'll find you and squeeze a laugh out you regardless!

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One of the best aspects of comedians as professionals is their willingness to travel. This means you have just as much of a chance of taking in a comedian from farther afield, such as Bill Burr, Louis C.K. and Joe Rogan, as you do of seeing homegrown talent, such as great UK comedians Michael McIntyre, Frankie Boyle, Lee Mack and Russell Howard. So, join the energy, join the atmosphere and risk the awkwardness!