The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in London


There’s such a great variety of eateries in London, I’m never going to get bored of trying somewhere new. But some of my vegetarian friends aren’t so lucky. Vegetarian restaurants still remain specialist.  Chances are, if they’re out in a group, you’re lucky to get one veggie choice on a menu. And I’d put money on it being pasta, or something with roasted peppers. Hardly inspiring after a few years of vegetarianism. But there has to be some decent veggie places in London, right? Of course there are!

Here are my favourites:

Hummus Bros, Soho. As the name might suggest, these dudes specialise in whipping up a chick pea.

Govinda’s, Soho (Soho Street). Looking for cheap and filling veggie curry? Then head here.

Mildreds, Soho. Worth it for the Victorian pornography adorning the walls. You don’t get that at KFC.

Saf, Shoreditch. It’s about time vegetarian food got the gourmet treatment. Saf is the place to come if you want your vegetables swanky.

Manna, Primrose Hill. Of course once one fancy veggie place pops up, more follow. Still, Manna has got a great reputation.


Some of these places might even be yummy enough to tempt me away from meat. At least for one night.

Flickr image from Sandy Austin‘s photostream.


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