Top Eight Weird, Unusual or Totally Useless Festival Accessories


Iron Monkee hats

Don’t ever visit the pound shop the week before you go to a festival. You’ll come out with all sorts of stuff that seems just perfect for your weekend of camping and music – until you get there, when most of the items you’ve bought will break, leak or just be a right pain to carry all the way to your campsite.

Still, if you are intent on bringing something weird, unusual or totally useless to a festival this summer, why not start with one of these ideas?

1. Novelty hats. You can get away with all sorts of  fashion crimes at festivals. Basically, anything goes. So why not get into the spirit of things with your own novelty headgear? The practical option pictured was spotted at Glastonbury 2007, but the choice really is unlimited – as long as you can imagine it, and fit it on your head.

2. A surfboard. You have to have total admiration for anyone who goes to all the trouble of lugging a surfboard onto a festival site (can you imagine the conversation with security?), all for one 20-second moment of genius: the best piece of crowdsurfing you’ll ever see, during Brian Wilson’s set at Glastonbury in 2005.

3. Space blankets. Usually seen wrapped around accident victims or marathon runners, these shiny reflective blankets are great for keeping the sun’s heat off your tent. To avoid sweaty tent syndrome, attach a few to the outside … then watch as you and everyone camped within a 25m radius is driven slowly mad by their constant rustling in the wind.

4. Random stuff on sticks. If you’re not happy with the standard range of festival flags, you can get more creative. Animals seem a common choice (like this cow on a stick). Or maybe you’d rather go for a massive pair of y-fronts, as spotted at Reading Festival last year.

5. An unconventional beer carrier. If you’re looking for a novel way of carrying booze at a festival, you could give this fake belly a try. Fill it up and put it on – it’ll probably be fun for a good five minutes or so. After that, the extra weight will become so annoying that you’ll have to drink the beer in double-quick time.

6. A green door. At Glastonbury 2008, an enthusiastic bunch of Shakin’ Stevens fans brought an actual green door into the crowd for the singer’s Pyramid Stage set. They must have been bitterly disappointed when the Welsh singer-songwriter completely failed to play Green Door, one of his best-known hits.

7. A cardboard toilet. I still think this might be a joke, but it’s just too good to leave out. Here’s the deal: the appropriately named Sh*t Box is a cardboard flat pack that assembles into a toilet and doubles as a stool. Yes, I know: what are they thinking? If you’ve got any experience of this product, leave a comment (not too much graphic detail though, please).

8. Mystical fire. Nowadays, starting fires is a no-go at many festivals. But if you’re at one where they still let you gather round a camp fire, maybe you should try some mystical fire. The color changing flames (blue,  red, green…) are just the thing to liven up your evening.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve spotted at a festival? Leave a comment and let us know. And if you’ve not decided which festivals to go to this year, check out the tickets available from the main website.


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