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We’re all about skiing in the sunshine and even more importantly; partying in the sunshine. So as the thermometer rises, the sun gets higher in the sky and the music gets louder; here’s where you’ll find us…

Mooserwirt – St Anton

MooserwirtThe pick of the piste. Here you will find one of the world’s classic euro trash hangouts. At 3.30pm every day the electric blinds lower and ‘The Final Countdown’ booms out of the speakers, signalling party time. Before you know it, the benches bounce to the beat and a killer light show kicks off. Arrive early if you want a chance of getting a table (you’ll need this later to dance on) and get the booze flowing (2,500 litres of beer is drunk every afternoon!). Euro music booms out and there is no escaping it so embrace it. Forget about your self-conscious cool and get up and get dancing. It’s love; very, very cheesy love. But do remember as you party you might have to ski down to the village in the dark after!

Folie Douce – Val Thorens

folie douce Things get crazy here and it’s where BarChick likes to call home when on the mountains. Kick-off is around 3pm, although get here for lunch to line the stomach before hours of mayhem. Expect raving on tables, a load of Jager Bombs, Jager Cows (stomach curdling Jager and milk), Champagne spraying everywhere and lots of fun and debauchery. Pack the flouro ski kit and go mad to the sounds of the saxophonist. Drink, dance and be merry. just bear in mind you’ve got to ski down, for some this ends in disaster so be warned, whilst others could give Bode Miller a run for his money on the descent.

The Fairnet Bar and Lounge – Verbier

FARINET - VERBIERThe key here is to start at the bottom and work your way up. Join the revellers in the après ski bar at 4ish and get the party started with Turbo Shandies and drinking games. With the amalgamation of too many stag head shots and a hard day’s skiing, you’ll need to eat so do so at the Pot Luck pop-up restaurant below. The food is fabulous so there’s really no excuse to be the one passed out in the corner. End the evening in The Lounge bar, these guys make the best cocktails in the whole town so book a table, hit the Espresso Martinis and dance on the sofas. Oh and there’s a swanky hotel upstairs if you don’t fancy the trek back to your hotel.

Mix Bar – Chamonix

MIX CHAMONIXApres ski at Mix Bar is pretty famous and as it’s located on the oldest street in Chamonix, Rue du Moulins, you can drink down a little bit of history with your cocktail (it’s a good excuse anyway). It’s modern and pretty cool in here and is run by one of the Hoax brothers. He DJs regularly to get the party started before the guest DJs take over the room. Girls tend to ditch the ski kit and dress hot, so guys you should probably do the same. The cocktails here are some of the best in town, get the Mojitos, Martinis and Margaritas in and stay and party till the early hours. But be warned those cobbled streets outside are a recipe for a week stuck in the chalet and off the slopes…

Cafe Face – Val D’Isere

CAFE FACEJust below the bottom of the piste, this is the place to get the party started, and boy these guys know how to do it (most of them are involved with the Folic Douce too so it goes without saying). One of THE cool spots in town, it’s full of colour, comfy seating and canapés, in fact it’s pretty sophisticated until the revellers arrive. if you’re here, you’re here to party: the bar is well stocked with hundreds of spirits, it’s always rammed and the DJs are some of the best in town. Get stuck in, rave in your ski boots and get the drinks in quick, the prices are on a sliding scale and increase every hour (don’t be the one buying rounds at the bar at 1am).

Let us know what your favourite bars are for a little apres ski holidays entertainment, by leaving a comment below!


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