Top 5 Amsterdam Local Hangouts


Spotted by Locals Amsterdam shows the real Amsterdam through the eyes of six Dutch locals. Find out where the people who live in this famous city eat, drink, shop and relax. You can also follow their tips through Spotted by Locals’ iPhone and Android city guides.

Here are some of the highlights from four of their local writers:

College Hotel (by Madelien Schippers)

college hotel amsterdam by madelien schippers

Madelien has a special recommendation about where you can enjoy listening to jazzy sounds on a Sunday evening. While most locals don’t usually visit hotel bars for a night out, College Hotel and its  bar is an exception to the rule. This very fancy hotel is run almost entirely by students of Amsterdam’s hotel schools, which gives it a nice and extra local touch.

I Love Vintage (by Madelien Schippers)

i love vintage amsterdam by madelien schippers

When you’re on a city trip there’s usually shopping involved. Either you’re buying souvenirs for people you left behind at home, buying something to remember the trip by or you’re just shopping for the fun of it. Ideally you want to walk away with something unique from your time abroad that no one back home could buy. So skip the generic and major name brand stores and visit I Love Vintage instead. Located on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals, you’ll find this vintage boutique stocked with items from the 50’s to the present day.

Panini (by Lauren Murphy)

panini amsterdam by lauren murphy copyright

Whenever you’re exploring a city it’s important to get enough sustenance to keep you going. No one wants to be tired and grumpy when trying to see a new and exciting place – you need to keep up your energy! And besides feeding off of great spots and interesting facts, you’ll need actual food to keep your strength up. One favourite of Amsterdam local Lauren is Panini. Located in the ‘Vijzelstraat’, Panini is there to serve you all day – from a strong espresso in the morning, a delicious panini at lunch or fresh pasta, antipasti and dessert in the evenings.

Tony’s NY City Bagels (by Gerben Broens)

tonys ny city bagels amsterdam by gj broens

The Netherlands has a famous chain-store with the word ‘Bagels’ in it – but isn’t it. According to local Gerben, Tony’s NY city bagel is much more enjoyable than the more well-known brand. He reckons it’s the first one in Amsterdam, or at least the first of its kind. He enjoys the atmosphere, the coffee and obviously the bagels, going on to say ‘bigger is not always better’. Tony’s has been on the ‘Jodenbreestraat’ for over 15 years and it’s not going anywhere!

Corpus Rub Massage Studio (by Maarten-Jan Meyer zu Slochtern)

corpus rub massage studio amsterdam by m j meyer zu schlochtern

We’ve covered shopping, eating and relaxing. Corpus Rub Massage Studio offers a different kind of relaxation than winding down with a glass of wine while listening to jazz music. This massage studio offers several massages – from ones with hot stones, to speciality treatments for mothers-to-be. So if you’re tired of all the walking and you’d like to loosen up your muscles in a relaxing and comfortable environment, then take local Maarten-Jan’s advice and book a treatment at Corpus Rub!


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