The Suitcase – September’s Travel News and Features Roundup


With the September washout marking the end of our great British summer, I’ve been scouring the web to feed my need for escapism on these wet and windy days. But not to worry, the by-product of my time spent hiding away from the storms is this month’s The Suitcase – our pick of September’s travel news and features.

Machu Picchu Peru In search of the Incas
Take a journey on the less frequented ‘Lares Trail’ to the magical Inca site of Machu Picchu with travel writer – John Gimlette. This picturesque, high altitude hike along a network of paths is free from the crowds of tourists on the more famous Inca Trail. Follow John as he walks around 25 miles in four days, meeting locals and learning about the ancient world of the Incas.

Gourmet Hot Dog London’s gourmet fast food fad
There seems to be a trend amongst Londoners for gourmet fast food – perfect for the busy commuter with a posh palate. The latest restaurant to embrace this trend is Bubbledogs, which serves a wide range of Champagne and hot dogs, including the Naked Dog and Horny Dog, to hungry diners.


South Africa TownshipSlum tourism: Patronising or social enlightenment
James Melik, a BBC reporter for Business Daily, explores the topic of the rise in slum tourism. As more and more travellers look to experience something they can’t get from traditional tourist activities, what is the impact of this controversial trend on the countries that attract “slum tourists” and the people who live in poverty stricken areas?

Brooklyn Graffiti Brooklyn Graffiti Tour: The Painting’s On The Wall
Over on the Urban Travel Blog, Richard Tulloch takes a tour of Brooklyn’s graffiti sprayed walls. The buildings of this famous district of New York are covered with work from famous street artists, from the parking garage of Macy’s department store to the many cafe entrances covered in striking and thought-provoking designs.

Great Barrier Reef FishGoogle Maps’ virtual diving brings the Great Barrier Reef into view
Google is seemingly on a quest to map the entire planet and not just at a street level. You are now able to take a virtual dive along the Great Barrier Reef and other dive sites in the Hawaii and the Philippines using the street view feature of Google Maps. Hang up your respirator and dive tank and sit back in your chair and enjoy the wonders of the deep with a nice cup of tea!

Let us know if you’ve read anything interesting from the world of travel in the comments below. See you next month.


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