Summer Festival Essentials


Festival Essentials

Thinking about going to your first festival this year with It goes without saying that you’ll have an amazing time. Here are a few things to pick up before you go to make the experience even better.

1. A decent pair of earplugs. You only get one pair of ears and they don’t tend to recover well from high decibel damage, so protect your shell-likes with some earplugs during band and DJ sets. They’re also worth their weight in gold if there’s a snorer or a shrieker in a nearby tent.

2. A waterproof in case of unpredictable weather. Even if the forecast’s amazing, pack a small foldable mac and consider some wellies too. Peacocks and Primark always have something on offer.

3. Bin bags. Perfect for sitting on if the grass is a bit damp, for temporarily patching a leak in your tent canvas, and for cleaning up after yourself when it’s time to leave the festival site. Buy recyclable ones for extra green points.

4. Hand sanitiser wipes or gel. Don’t make me tell you about the portaloo situation…

5. A loo roll with the cardboard inner tube squashed flat to save space in your bag. This is one thing you don’t ever want to run out of at a festival, trust me.

6. A hat with a brim to keep any sun or rain off your face, and to keep your head warm at night if it gets a bit chilly.

7. A stick or small tube of sunblock. If you do get scorching weather, sunburn kind of spoils the festivities.

8. A big square of cotton or fleece fabric. Makes a great picnic blanket, something cosy to throw around your shoulders in front of a late night campfire, and an extra layer on top of a sleeping bag. Market stalls and local sewing shops are the cheapest places to look.

Enjoy your festival, and we’ll see you on the other side.

Experienced festival-goers, do you have any tips of your own for what to pack? Let us know.


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