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Season’s greetings faithful Suitcase readers. This month we take you on a galactic journey across space and time to bring you the very best in travel from across the web. Strap yourself in and learn about experiments in the effects of space travel and get top tips on the best gifts for your travel-mad friends and family this Christmas – enjoy!

Travel (slowly) back in time

How fast could you travel across the USA in the 1800s? travels back in time to take a look at USA travel in the 1800s. By viewing their collection of old maps you get a real sense of how much transportation has changed over the years.  Did you know that in 1857 it would take you a month to get from New York to California by train – a journey that can take only three days in 2012!

Steam Locomotive American West

A trip to outer space

The effects of space travel on the human body (past and present) discusses the news that an American and Russian – Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko – have been selected to spend a year living in space. The mission is set to start in 2015 and will help us understand what a prolonged time in space does to our bodies. The data gathered could be crucial if we are ever going to send people to Mars. Also, if you are curious as to how many people are in space right now go to: (obviously!)

Earth from Space

The best of travel writing

Travel blogs to watch in 2013
The Huffington Post runs down the best new(er) travel blogs to look out for in 2013. From the adventures of a couple of serious vegetarian writers and filmakers from London on an indefinite journey across the globe, to a travel photography blog with an interesting of seeing more of the world through pictures – there’ s some excellent sites to keep an eye on.

Man with laptop

Ideas for Christmas gifts

Christmas travel gift guide
This travel themed twist on the traditional Christmas gift guide is perfect inspiration for those of us struggling to find that perfect something for someone special. Our favourites include a collapsible kettle for camping junkies; a Swedish Army firesteel that means you don’t have to go all Ray Mears to light a fire; and waterproofed Crumpled City Maps that are practically indestructible!

Christmas Presents

Alternative Christmas markets

World’s coolest bazaars
Already been to the famous Christmas markets of Cologne? Fancy a shopping experience of a different, more exotic and crazier variety? Then how about a trip to one of the world’s coolest bazaars.  Imagine the look of surprise on Grandma’s face when she unwraps a collection of old Soviet propaganda from your trip to Izmailovsky Market in Moscow!

Lights in the Grand Bazaar

Travel videos

TINYWRLD is a Tumblr from Tribal Mix that showcases inspirational travel videos. It’s dangerously easy to spend an afternoon just clicking their random city link and taking an unplanned journey around the globe. Our current favourite is the teaser for Timescapes – a film about the American Southwest. blog highlights

Not up to date with what’s happened on the blog this month? Here’s what’s been popular in December:



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