Pop Culture: Let Yourself Go at The Midlands Music Festival


Have you noticed that times are a-changing music wise in the UK?

Midlands Music FestivalPeople no longer seem to be too bothered about liking credible music. You only have to look at the festival line-ups this year to see what I mean. We’ve got Cheryl Cole and the Saturdays at the V Festival, Florence and the Machine and Diana Vickers at T in the Park, Scissor Sisters and Shakira at Glasto…. and it goes on. Yes m’darlins, pop is back.

Now, set in the middle of no-where – aka Tamworth – is a gem of a music festival which embraces this new-found sense of fun. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Midlands Music Festival – taking place on 18th and 19th July. No, this isn’t one of those crappy little events that happens in some park outside of Nuneaton, oh no, this is a proper music festival with artists you’ve actually heard of.

Like all the best live music fests, this one is a two dayer. The Saturday is an 80’s special (we told you it was fun). How about this for a lineup? Billy Ocean, Hot Chocolate, Hue & Cry, Level 42, Sister Sledge, Kajagoogoo, Shakatak and wait for it…. “Don’t turn around” it’s those reggae, reggae legends Aswad.

Oh yes.

Missed out on the Summertime Ball? Don’t fancy travelling for T4 on the Beach? Don’t worry my friend, Sunday at the Midlands Music Festival boasts some of the biggest chart acts in the country. Get in.

How about Olly “don’t call me Robbie” Murs for starters? Then there’s Taio Cruz, Chipmunk, Alexandra Burke, the Saturdays and Scouting for Girls. Also on the lineup, is Peter Andre and topping the bill is Westlife.

You can picture it now can’t you? A few shandys in the sunshine, a bunch of mates, all gloriously dancing around to “Mysterious Girl” and singing along embaressingly to “Flying Without Wings”. Oh and don’t tell anyone, but a little birdy tells us that the legendary Twist and Pulse from Britain’s Got Talent might be there too.

Once you’ve admitted to yourself that you’re gonna love it, get your tickets. They’re a snip at just £29.50 a day. The whole thing is supported by BRMB and is guarenteed to be a genious day (or two) out. Go on, let yourself go.

If you want some ideas for how to get the most out of a festival, read our top ten festival tips blog post. You can also book your accomodation or find great restaurant deals nearby at lastminute.com.


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  1. Cracking blog, and never a truer word has been said. This year’s line-up is amazing and can’t believe it’s in Tamworth!! So cheap too AND money goes to charity. What more can you ask for?!

    Most looking forward to seeing Westlife!!

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  3. As far as lineups go Glastonbury and Sasquatch are top notch, but for ovaerll atmosphere Shambhala can’t be beat. Simply put it’s 10 000 of the most friendly welcoming people coming together at (in my opinion) the coolest location possible for a festival deep in the forest with great stages and the best lights and sound and the COOLEST costumes ever! It’s really the people that make the festival what it is though, everyone puts so much effort in to their costumes, I’ve seen stuff there I didn’t think was possible!

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