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Don’t cut out drink this January just drink BETTER. Loads of bars these days have a range of skinny cocktails, health boosters, calorie counters etc… so you can still get involved without all the guilt!

The Rockwell at the Trafalgar

There are ways to watch your figure as you drink and The Rockwell at the Trafalgar have sorted that out for you! They have a cocktail list which includes their calorie count, as well as playing doctor with some tips on the health benefits, like whether the ingredients prevent heart disease or speed up the metabolism, etc.

The Rockwell at Trafalgar bar

The least calorific is the Lemon Camellia 95 (so you can have LOADS!) and the most is the Limoncello Kiss 300 (still no biggie). Now we can choose a drink that suits our needs!!


You’ve got to love a good Mexican feast, especially when you wash it down with some tequila based drinks. Not only is tequila slimming and lets off happy endorphins, they’ve also made skinny drinks with it that are less than 300 calories… winner!

Mestizo bar

We like the Gold Skinny Margarita, with tequila Don Alvaro Reposado, fresh tamarind pulp, and agave nectar.


The guys at Barts have launched their Bloodshot Bloody Mary menu. The cure of all hangover cures, another perfect drink choice for January. Although these are without the famous tomato juice, instead enjoy the Bloodshot vodka artisan liqueur made with twenty different ingredients making the perfectly spiced bloody mary each time.

Barts bar

They may not tell you how many calories are in each drink but after a heavy Christmas sometimes all you want is a nice hangover cure. Try the Bloody Liability, a heady mix of Belvedere vodka, Bloodshot, fresh beetroot, lemon juice and honey. Garnished with green salad topped with beetroot and parmesan shavings… your hair of the dog is served!

ETM Group

From 7th January – 10th February ETM Group’s mixologist Paulo Brammer has designed some feel good cocktails for £8.50 to restore your body and mind (January is definitely the time for that!). Hit The Botanist on Sloane Square or Chiswell Street Dining Room and get a round in.

Botanist bar

The Lemon Aid sounds great which is a blend of apricot-infused Tanqueray and white tea syrup. Apricots are rich in potassium, they oxygenate the brain and stimulate the kidneys (perfect!) plus white tea syrup lowers cholesterol and decreases blood pressure!

The Anthologist

This range of bars are all about looking good, it’s like a cocktail haven for girls (they were launched by a chick obvs). So needless to say they have healthy drinks on lock down (since 2008!). With a skinny cocktail menu you’re spoilt for choice.

Anthologist bar

BarChick loved the Superfood Collins, it’s pretty much as good for you as a session down the gym, made with Gin Mare, fresh basil, raspberries, blackberries, agave & fresh lemon juice served long with soda… sorted!


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